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   Chapter 457 Second Eldest Sister-In-Law

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10380

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Carla looked at Terence for a moment before planting a short but deep kiss on his lips. Then, with all the affection she could muster, she stated, "My dear, thank you."

"You never have to say thank you to me. As my wife, it's your right. I'm simply doing my duty as your husband. Anyway, I've decided not to hire a secretary anymore. Besides, Rainer and Nathan can help me deal with almost everything that I need. They render a secretary's job useless, to be honest.

Um... Unless you want to be my secretary, then I'll keep the position open for you anytime!" Terence exclaimed.

He then smiled as he stared at his wife lovingly. Then, he continued to ask, "By the way, I heard that you went to the Personnel Department to inquire for vacant positions. Have you chosen a position that you wanted?"

Carla nodded before she said, "As a matter of fact, I did. I want to be a designer in the company's Advertising and Marketing Department. Oh! I heard that the position had become open because you dismissed the former designer a while back."

Terence was apparently stunned for a moment. He said with a frown, "Carla, are you sure you want to take that job? I was under the impression that you still wanted to be my secretary!"

"No, no, no! I don't want to be your secretary. We already see each other at home every single day. If we would still be together at work every day, wouldn't you feel bored with me?"

Carla stated as she looked up at him.

"What are you even saying? Me, bored with you? That's nonsense!" Terence refuted as his frown got deeper. Then, he pinched her cheek and said, "Well, let's forget about that! I just think that designing is not an easy job. I'm afraid that you wouldn't be able to do it."

Actually, Carla didn't feel afraid and worried at all. She continued to eat her apple and said, "It doesn't matter. Just let me try and work as a designer for a month. If you think I'm not suitable for this position within that period, then you can fire me. You wouldn't need to be partial with me if that situation ever comes."

"Um...Carla. Is this your final decision? You really don't want to consider another position?"

Terence asked with a slight sigh, and the frown still on his face.

From Terence's perspective, the position that Carla chose was very demanding.

Truth be told, if Carla chose any other position than the designing job, Terence wouldn't have any say in it. He would just nod and cheer her on but he knew the actual nature of the job. He knew that the job was not an easy one to handle.

After all, the person in that position would be responsible for the branding of the company's important products. It should not be taken lightly since it was an integral part of the company's operations.

"Terence, you promised me that I could choose any position in your company when I come to JA City! Do you want to break your promise so soon?" Carla stated. She was getting a little annoyed with Terence's comments.

Carla then threw what remained of her apple into the garbage can, sat on the sofa with her knees crossed, and glared at him

anted to be my wife, but I declined, so Rhys took the chance and accepted this so-called matrimonial alliance."

Carla paused for a while. She took her time processing what Terence had just stated.

She asked curiously, "She originally wanted to marry you? Why didn't you accept such a good marriage prospect?"

"Um...Carla. At that time, I just came back from BH City. You should know why I refused."

Terence hinted as he raised his eyebrows, waiting for Carla to fully understand what he meant.

Carla was stunned for a few seconds, and then thought, 'He just came back from BH City? It means that he had only met me at that time.'

"So, the daughter of the bank president...She was willing to marry Rhys instead? Don't you think she would still want you even if she's already promised to marry Rhys?"

Carla asked with a little worry in her tone. After all, that woman wanted to marry Terence in the first place.

"No, I don't think so. We haven't actually seen each other in person. But she has met Rhys. And Rhys is really good at charming women. So they immediately became a couple afterward,"

Terence stated as he chuckled. He found it so funny when he saw Carla's worried look.

When she heard Terence's response, Carla nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. They continued their meal with happy hearts afterward.

After lunch, Carla left the AJ Building without Terence.

She had planned to start working tomorrow. She thought that she should focus on the job first.

After all, the working hours were flexible. When it would be time for her to prepare Rhys' wedding ceremony, she could find time between work to check the details of the preparations.

However, Carla still felt a little nervous and worried. After all, she just married into the An family. And now, once Rhys got married, there would be a second eldest sister-in-law for her.

Although they needn't live together, there would be a lot of inevitable interaction between them in the future. Carla thought, 'My future sister-in-law, I hope we'll get along just fine!'

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