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   Chapter 456 He Will Be Thought Of As A Henpecked Husband

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For the meantime, Rainer asked all of the interviewees to stay and wait inside the meeting room. After doing that, he brought all of their resumes to Carla and informed her about a couple of requirements that Terence was looking for. With the help of all of these things, Carla would have an easier time choosing who was the most appropriate person to join the company.

Taking all of the files from Rainer, she headed toward the meeting room right away.

With all of them wearing heavy make-up, the eight female interviewees heard the footsteps approaching and assumed that it would be Terence coming in. Having that in mind, they all kept their backs straight and did what they could to stand out as their eyes were glued to the door.

Be that as it may, all of them were left dumbstruck the moment they found that it was a woman who was coming in. Exchanging a couple of glances with one another, they were a bit baffled by the way Carla looked.

However, Carla appeared to be rather calm even after seeing the looks on all of their faces. Taking a seat, she found out that their resumes were already compiled on the table.

So, she began to take a look at them. It was plain to see that all of their resumes had been prepared perfectly. Because of that, she immediately found out that the applicants were all graduates from prestigious universities and boasted of rich working experiences.

After examining each of their resumes, Carla cleared her throat and turned to look at them before saying, "Hello, everyone. Mr. Terence is still quite busy at the moment, so I'm going to be the one holding the interview for you today."

When she was done informing them of it, she briefly scanned the room.

At just about the same time, a woman who was sitting in the left part of the room—seemingly very disappointed—suddenly asked, "We were told that Mr. Terence was going to personally interview us. Was all of that just a lie?" How could you change the interviewer all of a sudden without notifying us beforehand?"

"In any case, one of us is going to be employed as Mr. Terence's secretary and we are going to offer our services to him. For that reason, I think it would be better for him to hold the interview himself today," another pretty candidate interjected.

A tinge of a smile appeared on Carla's face upon hearing their remarks. Without being fazed by those comments, she proceeded to open the first page of the report which Rainer had provided for her to use as a reference. It contained the details regarding Terence's requirements for his future secretary.

As she looked at the first item on the list, she raised her head and looked at the applicants, telling them in a serious tone, "The first requirement of becoming the president's secretary is that she should always present herself in decent clothing and shouldn't be scantily clad. If she wears a skirt, it should be long enough to cover the skin that is within ten centimeters above the knee."

"What? I wasn't informed about this. Is that true? How can that be?"

Right from the get-go, there were already some complaints cropping up among them when they heard Carla's warning. In just a short span of time, they suddenly became outraged, completely taken aback after hearing such a rule.

Without saying a single word, Carla stood up from her seat. Walking around the room, and went to check each of them from behind, taking notice of the length of their outfits.

It didn't take too long for her to pick out three evidently good-looking women among the group.

"I regret to inform you that you are out," Carla flatly told them, as she gave them a pat on their shoulders.

"What? Are you being serious? What are you trying to do? It's quite paramount for the company to keep a good image. We wear this type of clothing to receive a good impression from the company's clients. Are we doing anything wrong? I don't think I can agree to your decision." A woman, who was wearing a suit with a huge part of her cleavage being flaunted, sprung up from her seat and protested, sounding quite agitated. It was crystal clear that she and Carla wouldn't be able to

king for the company. And as a result, they won't be doing that ever again. Isn't that great?"

Terence softly told her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Like a loving and doting husband, he ran his hand against her short hair.

"I don't really care what other people are going to call me. However, I'm a bit concerned. I'm just wondering. If people in the company were to find out about what happened earlier today and think of you as a henpecked husband like you said, are you going to lose face?" Carla placed the apple she was holding on the table and asked her husband, with a serious expression on her face.

While she was in the meeting, she realized right away that the applicants had ulterior motives as Terence's secretary, so she began to feel ill at ease. That being said, she acted on impulse and rejected all of them.

At that moment, she was reflecting on the idea that if one of those women was hired, she would be wearing revealing clothing every single day and showing off her alluring body in front of Terence. And that was something Carla would hate to see.

Every time she would picture that scenario out, there was a part of her that felt extremely anxious deep inside.

For that reason, without giving it much thought, she decided to just ask all of them to leave.

"Carla, it's true that I'm a henpecked husband. Haven't you realized how afraid I am of you?" Terence stared at her straight in the eye, with a playful look on his face.

"What? Haven't I realized that you're scared of me? What are you talking about?" Obviously at a loss for words, Carla tried to look back on the days they spent together and wondered, 'Is he really scared of me?'

"Of course I am. I'm so scared to see you sad and lonely. Whenever I'm busy with work and I don't have much time to stay right next to you, I'm afraid that you might get mad at me because of it. Now you understand how scared I am of you, right?"

He told her as he pulled her closer into his arms.

"Honey, no matter what those other people say about us, we are the ones leading our own lives. If we are both happy and contented, then shouldn't that be enough?" Terence gently asked her.

Letting out a soft sigh, Carla replied, "Dear, I'm going to try my best to help you save face when the time comes."

Reaching for her chin, Terence held her and planted a kiss on her cheek. He looked at her with such longing eyes, and his gaze was filled with so much love for her.

"Well, I know for certain that you can help me out on some occasions. However, if you ever come across a situation like today, then you can feel free to do as you please. After all, you're the only person who has the right to make sure that there are no other women around me. You and only you."

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