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   Chapter 455 What's The Matter With These Women

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However, after just a second's pause, Carla shook her head and refused.

"No, I won't accept this offer."

It wasn't that she didn't want to be Terence's secretary. It was just that they've already been spent too much time with each other at home. There was no need for them to be together at work, too. Carla thought that they should give each other some space. That was a good way to maintain some mystery in their marriage. Otherwise, their relationship would get boring.

Then, she continued going through the rest of the positions on the list. After a while, her eyes stopped on a position. She asked, "Manager Fang, may I know what a product image designer does?"

"Oh, of course. A product image designer is supposed to design the appearance, logo, and packaging for new products. We usually change the packaging regularly for some products to keep up with the trends. So, we need someone who is imaginative and good at drawing,"

Manager Fang explained to her patiently.

"Mrs. Carla, you can have a try if you want to. It's not too hard. As long as you can offer a satisfying design in the allotted time, you will be eligible to be a designer here. And relax, the standards wouldn't be strict.

Moreover, this is actually an offsite job, which means that you can travel and happily spend time at places like holiday villages and amusement parks if you're designing for them. You can also have a free meal at a new restaurant when you design something for it.

Basically, image designers in our company enjoy the most freedom and earn the most,"

Manager Fang explained further.

"Then why would the previous one quit?" Carla was confused. It sounded like designers here had a lot of spare time, and they could also travel a lot around the city and have so much fun. In other words, as long as the designers came up with something that their superiors loved, they could use their time at work any way they wanted to.

So why would anyone give up such a great job?

"Because one of her works wasn't good enough to meet the standards. She got fired," Manager Fang answered.

"Who fired her?" Carla was a little surprised.

"Mr. Terence," Manager Fang replied with an embarrassed smile.

Carla thought about it for a while. What Manager Fang had said was reasonable. The branding of the company's key products was vital to its public image. Of course the design of their logos had to be of good quality. If a designer couldn't deliver a good design for that, she would naturally be fired.

"So all the design works have to be presented to Terence before they are approved and officially used, right?"

she asked.

"Ah, most of them. It wasn't like that before, but

er cleavage.

What were these women doing?

Who did they think they were?

A bunch of imperial concubines waiting to spend a night with the emperor?

It was ridiculous! The man that got to pick from them was her husband.

She couldn't stand this anymore.

"Rainer, what is happening here?"

Carla stopped Rainer when he passed by her.

"Oh, Mrs. Carla, it's you. These women are here for the interview for the position of Mr. Terence's secretary. Mr. Terence usually interviews his secretary himself. So, they have to wait in here,"

Rainer explained.

There were about seven or eight women.

After giving them a glance, Carla said, "So they were all actually screened before coming here."

Rainer nodded, but then he stepped closer to tell the truth in a low voice. "But some of them were specially recommended by others. It's not appropriate to reject them directly, so they are waiting for Mr. Terence's decision."

Rainer's response finally cleared Carla's confusion. No wonder there were so many women vying for the job. "I see. So when will Terence be available?"

"I think there is still half an hour before the meeting will be over," Rainer replied. Mr. Terence had been busy recently and barely had free time.

Carla nodded as she already knew what to do. "I see. Rainer, could you please gather these women in another free meeting room? Since Terence is busy, I'll be glad to interview these applicants for him."

"Mrs. Carla, what are you going to do?"

"Do you have a problem with me interviewing them?" Carla gave him a glance.

"No, no, totally not."

Rainer shook his head immediately.

Even Mr. Terence wouldn't have the nerve to stop her from doing this. How would Rainer dare to get a say in it? Carla could do anything she wanted about this.

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