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   Chapter 454 I Want To Start Working! (Part Two)

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More importantly, the death of his parents had been a heavy blow for him. If he knew that his only family now was not even his biological sister, Carla couldn't dare to imagine how Sean would react to this fact.

"Why haven't you slept yet? It's very late already. What are you thinking about so deeply?" Terence asked.

When he came back to their room, he saw that Carla was lying on the bed with her eyes on the ceiling. She wasn't moving and she didn't blink that often.

Carla continued to lay still, imagining countless possibilities on how Sean would react. But each one was the same, he wouldn't be able to accept the fact that they were not related. She sat up from the bed and said, "Terence, I still think we can't tell the truth to Sean so recklessly."

"Huh? Why?" Terence felt puzzled. Terence was stunned for a short while. But when Carla didn't respond to his question, he walked towards the bed and sat down. He couldn't understand why Carla was always worried about that. He said softly, "Well then, have you ever wondered what would happen if Sean discovered the truth by himself?"

Carla shook her head.

Terence continued, "Well, I promise you that we can tell him in two days' time so you would have time to prepare yourself. You don't have to worry about telling him. I'll be the one to say it. So stop worrying about it and just go to sleep, okay?"

Terence lay down beside her and held her in his arms. "Maybe Sean will be much stronger than you think. You're just thinking about it too much. Try to calm down," Terence softly stated in an attempt to comfort her more.

Carla leaned on his shoulder and nodded. She told herself, 'Terence is right. Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

Maybe I just panicked because of what Uncle Mike and Uncle James said.'

Terence embraced her more tightly and gently planted some kisse

nted to the seat next to Carla and said with a smile, "Please take a seat first. I'll go and get the list of all the vacant positions for you."

Then, the manager went out of the office and said to his secretary, "Prepare a cup of tea for Mrs. Carla. Hurry up!"

Carla waited for a few minutes in the office. Before long, the Personnel Manager came back with the list of vacant positions in his hand.

"Mrs. Carla, there you go. These are the best positions that I have chosen for you. These positions do not have a heavy workload so you would still be able to enjoy your time. You can take your time and see if there is any position that is favorable for you," the manager stated as he handed Carla the list.

"Thank you..."

Carla took the vacant positions list from the Personnel Manager and looked at it carefully.

"Oh, Mrs. Carla! I just remembered that Mr. Terence's secretary just left her post due to family reasons last month. Right now, that position is still vacant. Would you like to consider it?"

The manager exclaimed as he patted his head for almost forgetting such a position was still vacant.

Because the position was very special and important, it was not included in the list of ordinary positions.

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