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   Chapter 453 I Want To Start Working! (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6378

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"Oh, nothing. It's not that important. I can understand. You just told me what happened when you were a child. However, that was years ago and now that you're a grown-up, I would think that some things have changed, right? Does that include your perspectives towards women?"

Carla carefully asked. She thought that it would be the same for Sean. It's true that Sean was just a child but Carla believed that if he saw those women in body painting, he would just think they were wearing some colorful clothes. Carla fully trusted that Sean⁠—an eleven-year-old boy⁠—wouldn't have the same sexual ideas like Nathan.

Terence did not answer Carla's question. Instead, he just stared into the distance.

Truth be told, what he saw and experienced while he was growing up made him determined that he would treat his woman carefully, wholeheartedly and respectfully.

And that was a huge part of the reason why he never let himself indulge in lustful thoughts and experiences.

No matter how much he tried, he couldn't erase from his memory the things that his mother experienced. There were a lot of times when he saw his mother crying all alone in her room. He saw how she couldn't help but look at pictures of his father with other women and there was nothing that she could do. When that continuously happened, his mother had no choice but to leave his father.

He had seen with his own eyes how his mother suffered painfully because of his father's affairs.

All of that happened while he was growing up and it played a huge role in the kind of man that he became. No one could imagine how deeply those things affected him.

Therefore, Terence had been telling himself that he couldn't let his own wife experience the same tragedy that his mother went through.

At the same time, he had always been waiting for a woman who would be really worthy of his love.

And now, he felt really lucky that

was almost dark outside. With the sunset at their side, this small and happy family took a walk around the Tavia Lake Park while they talked and laughed.

Because the Tavia Grand Theater was rented out for business activities, there was no dance show that day. However, the scenery at Tavia Lake Park was enough for their eyes and hearts to feast on.

Sean told them that he wanted to ride a boat and so they did. It was very late at night when they finished having fun and finally returned to JA City.

In JA City, they went straight to the

Seaview Villa because the activities of the day exhausted them so much.

When they returned, Carla couldn't help but still ponder about what Terence had said earlier that day. She thought, 'Is it time to tell Sean the whole truth, unfiltered and true?

But if Sean can't accept the fact that I'm not his biological sister, what should I do? What could I do?' Carla thought to herself.

People have a tendency to always see the negative in every situation. It was the same for Carla. She thought that Sean was now going through an important part of his life as he transitioned from a kid to a young adult. And as any other person at his age, he had a lot of things on his plate, and his studies was just one of them.

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