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   Chapter 452 Don’t Teach Sean Something Bad

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9478

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Terence hoped that Sean would accept the fact and define his position after knowing the truth.

During that time, if other people in the Ji family wanted to take him back to their hometown, Terence had a plan on how to deal with the matter in his own ways.

But Carla's eyes widened when she heard that Terence wanted to tell Sean about the truth.

"Don't tell him yet. Not now! I'm worried about him. The truth might shock him to his core. I clearly remember how surprised I was upon learning the truth! I even thought it was impossible!

The difference is that I'm an adult and Sean is just a little boy. He might not take it well. I am really worried that he might not be able to accept the truth,"

Carla said with concern enveloped around her eyes.

The truth was that Carla was not really afraid of Sean learning the truth at a young age--she was more afraid that the truth would hurt Sean.

While they were talking, Sean ran as fast as he could towards their car. He yelled at them, "Carla! Terence! You're back!"

Sean came back with Nathan and Rainer while holding a big bag of snacks.

As soon as he hopped in the car, Sean asked, "Carla, what happened? I saw that Uncle James and Uncle Mike looked so serious. Did anything bad happen?"

"N-no! Nothing bad happened. Don't worry. Something important needed to be dealt with back in our hometown. I can't tell you yet because you are too young to understand it, okay?" Carla changed the topic and looked at the snacks that he was holding. Carla then stretched out her hand and said, "Well...that bag looks really full! Can I have a snack? I think my stomach is rumbling. I guess I'm a little hungry!"

"Okay." Sean searched through the big bag that he was holding. Then, he unwillingly took out a pack of cashew nuts, which was his favorite, and handed it over to Carla as he furrowed his brows.

Carla took the pack, opened it and began munching on the cashew nuts. After a few mouthfuls, she then asked Terence softly, "My dear husband, didn't you say that you wanted to take me somewhere to relax and unwind? So...where are we going next?"

Terence thought for a moment and said, "Tavia Lake Park is near BH City. People say that it is beautiful and has very nice aesthetics. I have never been there, though. you want to go there?"

Hearing her husband's offer, Carla immediately nodded and said, "That sounds like a great idea. After that, we can directly go back to JA City from there. I think that's an easier route, don't you think?

Oh, I heard that Tavia Grand Theatre is also near the place. And since it's still pretty early, we could go there to kill time. Maybe we can go and watch a show!"

Carla enthusiastically encouraged her husband as she wanted to see the beautiful place in person. After all, she had heard a lot of good th


Meanwhile, Rainer was walking far behind them, ignoring Terence and Carla.

"Really? So, when did you first learn about it?" Carla suddenly asked Terence out of curiosity.

Terence took a deep breath and smiled bitterly. He found that he was going to be in trouble soon. "My dear wife, we are talking about Sean's education, aren't we? Can you stop asking about me?"

"No. I'm more interested in your experience," Carla said without hesitation.

Terence thought about it with a frown and said, "I forgot it. But my experience was a bit special. When I was young, many girls were around me. Having been bothered by them, I gradually felt a little disgusted."

"Eh-hem…" Hearing that, Carla couldn't help but cough and glare at Terence.

"Do you mean that you had a rich experience at an early age?"

Terence glanced at Carla silently, and said softly to make her happy, "What are you thinking of? I mean I don't have any interest in those things since I have already known a lot about it."

Carla looked at him skeptically and asked, "Oh, really? Don't men always hope that many women stay around them? If not, then why are they often attracted to other women while they still have girlfriends or wives?"

"Those men have no resistance to women, or maybe they do that purely for their physiological needs," Terence explained. He didn't take her directly to catch up with Sean but went to the tree next to them to wait for Sean and Nathan.

Carla wasn't surprised by his actions. She knew that he wouldn't go there.

'He was born to a rich family. How could he really squeeze in the crowd to watch a normal show?

If he really wanted to watch it, he would ask them to perform for him alone, just like Theo, ' thought Carla.

Seeing that Carla was lost in thought, Terence waved his hand in front of her to draw her attention.

"Carla, what are you thinking of?"

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