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   Chapter 451 It's Hard To Read One's Mind

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6913

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Terence asked Nathan, Rainer, and Sean to buy some snacks so he could come back to Carla.

He had heard most of their conversation.


He called as he walked towards her and stopped by her side. "I think your uncles were right. We just got married and it won't be convenient to take a little boy with us. That could be annoying, right?"

Carla didn't know what to say.

She stared at Terence with her mouth half-open, totally shocked.

"Look, Carla! Even Mr. Terence agrees with us. You are newlyweds. Don't you think it's inconvenient to have a kid around?"

Mike immediately echoed his words.

Terence blinked at Carla before turning to Mike and James, "I think you have brought up a really good idea, Uncle Mike. We will transfer Sean to one of the local schools here once we are back to JA City."

"Great, great!" Both Mike and James agreed cheerfully.

"However, I have some conditions. I'm sorry if this would sound offensive." Terence smiled. "If you take Sean with your family then the child will have nothing to do with me and Carla."

More so, Carla will never be a part of your family anymore.

If that happens, I would be expecting you guys not to come near us again. Oh, I almost forgot. Since you have decided to raise Sean, I suppose that you have arranged everything for him, like his education and all the other things?"

Terence's voice returned to its usual coldness.

Hearing what he said, Mike and James' smiles melted away.

They suddenly looked worried and didn't know what to do.

"If so, I suppose that you two will pay all the tuition for high school and university? And when he gets married, you will offer him some money to hold the wedding ceremony or buy a new house for the couple, right?"

A smile cracked Terence's lips again.

"No, Carla..."

"Uncle James, Uncle Mike," interrupted Terence even before Uncle Mike could say a thing.

"I like to act decisively. I don't like things that last too long. I totally agree to give Sean back to your family. Returning Sean would save us a lot of t

w how afraid she was that they would take Sean away from her.

"Thank God, you were there, Terence. I didn't have any idea how to deal with them."

"You're just young and innocent, Carla," replied Terence, gently squeezing her palm. "You could have seen their point easily if only you calmed down and thought of it.

Who will raise someone else's child for nothing? Are they really that kind to take care of your father's only son? Do they think it was just that simple?"

Carla nodded, relaxing herself a bit while leaning against her husband's shoulder. She wouldn't have understood her situation earlier if he didn't intervene.

"Stop worrying too much, okay? They can't take Sean away from you." Patting her shoulder, Terence comforted her sweetly and added, "They're just a common family and raising a child doesn't come cheap these days.

It would be impossible for them to get what they want, so relax."

Carla buried her face against the crook of Terence's neck. She then sighed, "It was just that I'm afraid that they would tell Sean the truth."

Terence went silent for a while, thinking about what she said. "I think it's time to tell the child the truth.

It's better for him to know it from us than from your relatives. If it's hard for you to do that, then I'll do it."

Since Sean would find out sooner or later, better to tell him now, right?

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