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   Chapter 449 Win Against Me First!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9878

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Carla turned around and saw Terence walking towards her. She immediately burst into laughter and welcomed him halfway.

Holding her in his arms and caressing her short hair gently, Terence said, "Carla, you really did a good job!"

"You're not mad at me?" She brightly asked, snaking her arms around his waist. She thought Terence might be mad at her for taking part in the race without telling him––more so that she even accidentally met Johnny.

"Dear wife, I believe in you! It's rare to see you so passionate about something. As your husband, I should support you." Terence lovingly looked at his cute wife, who was a little self-reproached.

He knew Carla was an outgoing girl and she didn't like staying at home all day. So, he had no reason to stop her from taking part in activities that she loved.

Johnny felt extremely sad and jealous when seeing the couple so intimate and sweet. He thought, 'If I could get Carla's love, even just the half of her love for Terence––oh no, maybe just one-third of that, I would have nothing to regret even if I die.'

Terence held Carla's waist and turned to Johnny.

"Johnny, you have, again and again, tried to seduce my woman. Are you an addict, or what?"

Terence had heard what Johnny just said to Carla. He thought, 'This Johnny still said he and Carla were destined to meet.

Destiny? The nerve of this bastard! How dare him seduce my wife in public!'

Johnny played with his short curly hair and hummed, "Mr. Terence, I think you should know what I'm thinking."

Truth be told, Johnny disdained to hide his thoughts about Carla. He wanted Terence to know he was ready to compete for her love.

"Oh? Is that so? Well, I'm free this afternoon. Dare to meet me somewhere?" Terence's cold stare pierced through Johnny.

"Okay! Mr. Terence, I'm not afraid of you!" Johnny agreed without any hesitation

Johnny thought there was no need for him to be scared since Terence had no guts to casually kill someone.

After some time, Terence and Johnny arrived at a boxing hall.

Of course, the subject of their rivalry––Carla, tailed the two men.

The two started fighting on the boxing ring with Johnny at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Carla couldn't bear to see Johnny being wholly trashed by Terence.

Johnny didn't get any opportunities to counterattack Terence, who seemed to be too focused and aggressive in the fight.

Then, Carla's sight landed on her man Terence, who was obviously enjoying the battle in his favor. She thought, 'Terence had really calculated this! Knowing that he couldn't fight in public, he chose to combat Johnny in the boxing hall––a much more private place.'

However, Carla also understood why Terence was so angry. It was not the first time that Johnny tried to publicly make a move on her––a married woman. Her husband could not tolerate it anymore.

Whatever Johnny was suffering now, he brought it upon himself.

Yet, even though he kept strug

ged her.

Carla, on the other hand, was shocked by his sudden moves and couldn't help but take a long breath after rightly landing on his legs.

Trying to calm herself down, Carla stared at the man whose good-looking face melted all the anger in her heart

"Carla, should we plan to have a baby?"

Carla sat up after hearing his words. "But won't it be too early?" she asked, puzzled.

Terence also sat up and embraced her in his arms again. "I mean, we should go back to the hospital and have a physical check. I think you should take advantage of this period to recuperate better. What do you think?"

Terence suddenly thought of what the doctor had told him before.

Carla nodded and softly said, "Well, listen to you." Then, feeling curious, she asked, "Did Dad urge you to have a baby again?"

Before she married him, she had known that the An family badly wanted a child.

So she didn't feel surprised at all when Terence told her this.

She knew Nicholas' body was heavily dependent on drugs and other medication. Although the doctors said that he could live for at least three to five years more, it was just theoretical. No one could ensure how long he still had to live.

"Yes. Dad said we should have a baby as soon as possible. But there's no need for you to be pressured. We've only been married for two months, and your body has just recovered. So take it easy. Don't worry," he gently explained.

He was also afraid that Carla would feel stressed.

Carla nodded, burying her head into his arms. "Okay. Let's do that. Maybe it's really time for us to plan on having a baby."

Just as the two were snuggling quietly on the sofa, Sean ran in.

"Carla! Terence!"

As soon as Sean saw the two getting very intimate, he immediately covered his eyes with his two hands. He could only open his mouth without seeing anything, "Carla, you said you would take me back to BH City to see my parents tomorrow. Do you still remember that?"

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