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   Chapter 448 Did I Just Hear You Talking About Fate With My Wife

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9103

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Carla looked around the stadium but she didn't see Terence. 'How did he know that I came to the game?' thought Carla.

Johnny saw Carla as she was being surrounded by a lot of people. She was smiling happily with a bunch of roses in her hand.

Johnny thought it must be Terence who had sent her the roses.

Carla left, still holding the bouquet of roses in her hand.

Johnny then removed his gaze as Carla's figure grew smaller and smaller.

"Congratulations, Mr. Ouyang!" Lynn said.

She walked over to Johnny, holding a bunch of red roses she had just bought.

"Thank you," Johnny said softly. He didn't accept the flowers but instead walked towards the locker room.

After changing clothes, Carla walked out of the women's locker room, still holding the roses. As soon as she walked out of the locker room, she saw Johnny who had already changed his clothes and was waiting outside.

"Do you want to have lunch together? Let's celebrate our victory," Johnny invited.

If he invited Carla to lunch on a regular day, it would be inappropriate since Carla was married. But since there was an occasion to celebrate, it was fine.

It was perfectly acceptable to celebrate over lunch after a victory.

Lynn would also be going with them so they wouldn't be alone together.

"Congratulations, Mr. Ouyang. You have so many fans! I still have something to do. You can have lunch with Lynn. I'm sorry I have to get going."

With that, Carla waved goodbye to Johnny as she walked towards the exit.

'Terence sent me the roses just in time. Was he trying to keep other men away?

Well, I get where he's coming from, ' Carla thought to herself.

After Carla walked out of the club, Lynn had caught up with her.

"Carla, why are you leaving all of a sudden? Since we're already here, do you want to have lunch?"

Lynn said, as she gasped for air.

While she wanted to have lunch with Johnny alone, she realized it might be awkward as this was her first time meeting Johnny.

And she was afraid that she might say something wrong.

So she caught up with Carla and asked her to accompany them.

Lynn wanted to be in good terms with Johnny and she needed to gauge what kind of person he was.

"Lynn, can't you have lunch with him alone? Do you really want me to be there?" Carla asked as she shook off Lynn's hand on her arm.

"No. Carla, can I count on you? I don't know much about Johnny. I don't want it to get awkward. Will you please eat with us just for my sake?"

Lynn begged as she grabbed Carla's arm again.

"Oh, Carla, please, I'm begging you. Help me! Please!"

Carla didn't know how to deal with such a situation. At that moment, Johnny walked out of the club, surrounded by

when she walked out of the elevator. She put a hand over her chest to calm herself down.

'Damn it! Why is Johnny so persistent and annoying?' Carla thought.

Johnny was leaning against the door of the elevator and looking at Carla, gasping and bending over.

"What are you doing? Do you think it's funny to play with the elevator?" Carla asked as she looked at Johnny who was seemingly out of breath.

Johnny stood straight and said, "Do you think it's easy to spend time with you? You leave after sitting down for less than an hour. Even if we're just friends, you didn't need to leave so quickly."

Carla walked out of the elevator and looked around the hall crowded with people. She said impatiently, "Johnny, I have never found you so annoying. I'm married. Can you stop doing embarrassing things like this?"

She walked towards the aisle where there were some people.

"It doesn't matter if you're married. It's the 21st century now. Does a woman have to cut ties with all the men that she knows just because she's married? Why do you act like you're still in some feudal society?"

Johnny wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He had to run down as fast as he could using the stairs just to catch Carla before she left.

"I know that I'm not in a feudal society. But to be honest, Johnny, I didn't know that you would be in the club today. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come in the first place," Carla said honestly. She hoped that Johnny would give up if she told him the truth.

"So, that means fate brought us here today! That's why we keep seeing each other," Johnny said with a smile.

Carla felt her head throb when she heard this.

At that moment, a familiar voice came from behind Carla.


If I wasn't mistaken, did I just hear you talking about fate with my wife?"

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