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   Chapter 447 Dear Wife, Good Job!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9940

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That day, Carla's driver had reported to Rainer her whereabouts. But even if the driver didn't do so, all the competitions around JA City would be broadcast live by special TV stations.

So it would just be a piece of cake for Rainer to know that Carla had taken part in the horse race.

Upon finding out about it, Terence turned to look at Rainer, stretched out his arms and urged him, "Hurry up! Give me the iPad!"

As a response, Rainer immediately handed the iPad to him. At that time, the race was already being broadcast live.

With a smile, Rainer stated, "Mr. Terence, there are a lot of people watching this live coverage. I think Mrs. Carla will become famous as soon as she is shown on the screen!"

Not really paying attention to what Rainer was saying, Terence was watching the live broadcast intently. On the screen, Carla was breathing a deep sigh of relief because she had just successfully passed the first round of the competition.

Somehow, the camera seemed to be following every move that she made. Being the only lady in the competition, it could be understood why.

Truth be told, Carla had never intended to get too much attention. All she wanted was to have fun riding the horse.

But the reality was that Carla had already gotten so much attention since Terence's proposal to her. That proposal had spread far and wide through JA City. It was the talk of the town for days. Therefore, almost every single person living in JA City already knew about her.

But in Carla's perspective, she really had no idea how many people in JA City were watching her at that moment besides the live audience at the arena.

After the first round, three members from Carla's team had been eliminated, while only two from the opposing team had been eliminated.

Of course, Johnny was still in the competition. Most of the live audience members were expecting him to be the final winner of today's competition.

But no one knew that Carla had already beaten Johnny before. Therefore, the audience had no idea about the extent of what Carla could do. Half of them underestimated her while the other half expected that she would be eliminated right away.

"Carla, can you do me a favor?"

Johnny asked while she was taking a short break.

Carla silently laughed and muttered, "No way..."

Even without asking, Carla already knew what Johnny was going to ask. It was as clear as crystal. Johnny didn't want her to enter the third round and compete with him, so he wanted Carla to pretend to lose in the second round. Although this was a team competition, the final winner would garner all the glory that this competition entailed. And Johnny wanted to get every bit of that kind of attention.

Soon enough, the second round started.

Johnny turned to look at Carla before he tightened his hold on the reins. He told himself, 'Even though I already lost one race and even my heart to her, I won't lose this time!'

Meanwhile, Terence was watc

und, but she couldn't perform that well in the third round.

However, Carla didn't feel regretful. After all, she had tried her best.

She looked ahead and saw that Johnny and one of their opponents were both about to go past the finish line. She really hoped that Johnny would win. After all, he was at least her teammate.

Everyone held their breaths, including Carla. But after a few seconds, the cheers instantly burst around the whole arena!

How deafening the shouts were!

"Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!" His name could be heard in every corner of the huge arena.

Although Carla couldn't clearly see who had crossed the finish line first, she could guess the results just from the cheers.

After reaching the finish line, Carla came down from her horse, handed over the reins to an attendant who was nearby, took off her helmet, and breathed a sigh of relief.

She thought, 'Finally, it's over! I originally just wanted to have fun. I didn't expect that it would become so competitive and intense. It was really tiring!'

Johnny was surrounded by a lot of young girls who were completely admiring him at that moment. However, he could only cast his sight on Carla from the moment he reached the finish line. He wanted to find Carla after the race, but he realized that he was unable to move even a step.

At the same time, a young man who was in his work uniform approached Carla with a bunch of flowers in his hand.

"Hello, Mrs. Carla. A gentleman ordered me to give you this bunch of flowers."

Carla looked at the big bunch of champagne roses. To say that she was surprised was an understatement. The roses were surrounded by some small white flowers and baby's breath. They looked elegantly refined but warmly beautiful.

She took the flowers and sniffed their fragrance. Then, she opened the card and read what it said.

"My dear wife, you did a good job!"

When she saw the name on the card, she could not help but smile with a delightful heart.

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