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   Chapter 446 Horse Race (Part Two)

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Besides, there were only men in the team. If she actually joined, there's a possibility that she would be a liability to them.

"I need a certificate for that? Well, how about a horse trainer's license? Would that work instead? Although, I don't have it with"

Carla slowly stated with a shrug.

When she was working at the racecourse in the past, the owner got her one for inspection, but unfortunately, she didn't bring it with her. She had no idea that additional requirements for the race would be needed.

"Hey, you! Hurry up. It's time to get ready. What are you doing there just standing and chatting?"

The captain in the distance suddenly shouted at the man who was interrogating Carla.

"Well, hello to you Miss Carla or should I say Mr. Terence's wife? What's the matter? Do you want to race?" Suddenly, another man came up to them. It was Johnny.

He just strode out of the dressing room and immediately came over when he saw Carla. "What's going on here? How on earth could you stop this lady?" Johnny asked.

The man was speechless when he found out who Carla was. Then he shook his head and silently but quickly went back to their team's shed.

Carla turned to look at Johnny, adjusted her hat and walked towards the field without saying any word to him.

"Miss Carla, why don't you stay at home and do something relaxing instead? Aren't you afraid that your husband will be jealous when he found out that you came here to race with a group composed of men?"

Johnny called out to her. He didn't want to end the conversation that easily.

"My husband doesn't care about puny things like that. Besides, you should mind your own business."

Carla replied coldly as she drew the curtain and finally walkout.

When she reached the racecourse, she found out that the racers of th

igible for the third round.

If all the riders of a team got through to the second round, their team would immediately be considered the winner.

But if they made it to the third round, the rules would be upgraded. There would be a steeplechase where only the fastest rider would be considered as the winner.

Truth be told, this race was much more professional than the races that Carla had joined before.

The game was finally in full swing. There were a lot of cheers and commotion from the bleachers as the racers drove their horses through the field.

Meanwhile, Terence, who was on a business trip in C City, was busy dealing with mountains of files.

"Mr. Terence, there's a horse race that is currently being held in JA City. Would you like to have a look?" Rainer approached Terence with an iPad which was playing the live-stream video of the race.


Terence didn't even raise his head. His mind was full of thoughts about the business. He was thinking that once the negotiation of the contract was over, he needed to hurry back to JA City.

"But Mr. Terence, I saw a female rider who looks so familiar on the team. Are you sure you don't want to take a look?" Rainer playfully stated.

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