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   Chapter 445 Horse Race (Part One)

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"I'll be back this afternoon. Will you miss me, wife?"

Terence sounded so gentle and charming while he said those words.

Carla, on the other hand, just slumped herself on one of the seats in the dining table. She sighed before she responded, "Terence, you need to calm down. It had only been one night since we were apart from each other."

"I know but I miss my wife already... "

Terence muttered deeply. The sadness and longing were both so apparent in his voice, Carla couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

She suddenly paused, her left arm hung in the air, midway into grabbing a spoon. She smiled a little then comforted him, "Well then, come back home earlier. You've promised that you'll accompany me to BH City tomorrow."

"You're right! That's a great idea! Maybe we can spend some quality time together there," Terence stated, now with a smile on his face.

They talked for a little while longer before hanging up. Carla then proceeded to eat her breakfast quietly. After which, she took a look at the time and found out that

it was already eight o'clock. As if cold water had been poured on her, she rushed upstairs to change her clothes as quickly as she could.

Carla realized that Terence had a point when he told her that she didn't pay much attention to news updates regarding JA City. From then on, she resolved to spend some time watching the news every night.

Last night, she noticed an advertisement which said that there would be a horse race at the Royal Club that morning. The place was one of the most famous clubs in JA City. Carla only knew about it from spending a lot of time with the rich and powerful.

She didn't have many hobbies except for riding and painting. She was so thrilled because finally, there was an event that she was interested in. Without a second thought, she decided to give it a try.

The club was membership-based

e experienced, dedicated and talented which meant that there's a possibility that they could be at par with the professionals.

This race was meant to be an exciting game so a lot of people were looking forward to it.

"Hey, how are you? May I please know who you are? Do you have a certification from our team?" a man called out to Carla.

She had just changed into her riding uniform and was about to lead her horse into the field when she heard the voice of a man behind her. She stopped as the man caught up to her. Right then, she could finally see that the man was also wearing a riding suit.

"Certification? I've read the requirements for participation and according to that, anyone can join the race as long as they are a member of the Royal Club. Did I misunderstand what it said?"

Carla asked a little confidently. Although, she was starting to have doubts if she could actually join.

"No, you didn't misunderstand what it said. Any member of the Royal Club can join indeed. But this isn't just a normal race so you need a professional certificate to be able to join," the man stated.

Although he didn't do it quite deliberately, the man carefully evaluated Carla from head to toe. He was so sure that he had never seen her before.

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