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   Chapter 444 Carla's Warning

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What Carla didn't know was that ever since she married Terence, her aunt and uncle had made every effort to find a rich husband for their own daughter, Lynn.

After all, Lynn and Carla came from similar backgrounds. In their eyes, it made no sense that Carla could marry such a wealthy man while Lynn couldn't.

And exactly at that time, they had met Johnny, so they'd immediately thought, 'Why can't Lynn have a try? What if she succeeds?'

After saying goodbye to her aunt and uncle, Carla returned to the Seaview Villa.

By evening, when she had almost forgotten what had happened during the day, Lynn called her to ask for Johnny's contact information.

Carla sighed to herself. She had no choice but to browse her contact list and try to find his contact number.

That was when she realized that she had removed Johnny from her contact list earlier. How could she find his number now?

Finally, Carla noticed a message that seemed to have been sent by Johnny a long time ago and therefore found his contact information.

But when she tried to share his contact information with Lynn, she failed. It turned out that she could only share someone's contact information if they were on her contact list. So, she had no choice but to add Johnny back to her list before sending his contact information to Lynn.

Moments later, Carla's phone chimed with a message from Johnny.

"Wow, wonders never cease! You finally remember me, don't you?"

His message was followed by an emoticon of surprise.

Carla didn't bother to respond to him. Instead, she directly sent his contact information to Lynn.

'Let's just leave things to fate, ' Carla thought to herself. She had already warned her cousin about Johnny anyway.

Putting down her phone, she sat comfortably on the bed and started reading a book.

Moments later, her phone chimed again with a message from Johnny.

This time, he had sent a screenshot of his conversation with Lynn.

What followed was an emoticon showing contempt.

"What? I thought you finally remembered me, but it turns out that you're playing matchmaker.

Your little cousin has met me only once but she already has a crush on me?

See? These women all have good eyes. Why are you always ignoring such an excellent man like me?"

Carla rolled her eyes at her phone and didn't respond.

Seeing that there was no reply, Johnny started to get a little restless and sent another message.

"Carla, do you want me to tell Lynn that I only love her cousin?"

Carla closed her eyes and did her best to sup

hill up her spine.

After getting ready, Carla went downstairs to have breakfast.

Just then, her phone rang again. This time, the call was from Terence.

Carla briefly told him about what had happened yesterday when she'd met her uncle, her aunt, and Lynn.

To her surprise, Terence chuckled in response.

"What a perfect match! A gold-digger and a playboy. They're made for each other."

It seemed that Terence had no intention of stopping Lynn.

Carla didn't know what to say for a long time. Finally, she said, "No matter what, she's still my cousin. How can I just stand by and watch her go out with that bad man?"

"Even if Lynn wasn't going out with Johnny, she'd be going out with someone else. Another playboy like him, you know? Many things are fated and you can't change them." Terence wanted her to leave them alone.

"Besides, Carla, do you really want to treat her like your cousin? I mean, these people don't care about you at all. They want to become close with you just because you're rich. Otherwise, they would have run away from you as fast as they could.

So why do you care about them? They don't deserve it."

Carla felt a lot better after hearing Terence's words.

Everything he was saying was true. Even if she cared for her relatives, they wouldn't appreciate it. In fact, they might even accuse her of getting in the way.

So, there was no need to worry about them.

Anyway, she had already done her part by warning Lynn. It was none of her business how things turned out in the end.

"When are you coming back?"

Carla asked, changing the subject. She finally felt relaxed now. As she spoke, she walked out of the elevator toward the dining room.

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