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   Chapter 443 Mammonist

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Hasen was indeed right. Every single person who had a connection with the An family in some way was either wealthy or of noble birth. 'How shrewd my aunt and uncle are!' Carla pondered to herself.

"Oh, what an honest girl you are, Carla. We were under the assumption that you'd loathe us given that you got married to Mr. Terence. But as it turns out, we were completely wrong,"

Hasen exclaimed, feeling delighted to hear Carla say yes.

"What sort of nonsense you are spouting! Carla is our sister's daughter, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she's such a kind-hearted girl, just like our sister," Hasen's wife exclaimed, looking him straight in the eye.

The couple simply echoed one another.

"Yes, I guess you're right. It was such a shame that both of them, our sister and brother-in-law, passed on at such a young age and weren't fortunate enough to be living in ease and comfort. If it weren't for that, then..."

Heaving a heavy and pitiful sigh, Hasen let out a cough and added, "Carla, when are you going to come and pay your parents a visit?"

"I'm planning to go this coming weekend," Carla answered after taking a sip of her drink.

"That's good to hear! Your parents would be able to feel at ease knowing that you found yourself a wealthy man, and they're going to be so proud of you!" Hasen commented, nodding his head along.

It was a given that he was feeling downhearted. If only he had known beforehand that Carla would be marrying Terence, then he would have been more than willing to give up the lost shot left in the locker to lend a hand in helping to cure his sister.

Under those circumstances, Carla would have treated him quite differently at present.

As Carla was on her way to the bathroom to wash her hands, Lynn went after her.

After getting her hands cleaned, Carla walked out of the bathroom first. The moment she stepped out, she stumbled upon a man who had a smug look on his face.

It was Johnny.

Interestingly enough, the smile on Johnny's face tended to be so alluring for other women, but in Carla's eyes, it simply looked like such a conceited grin.

"Are those your relatives back from your hometown?"

Johnny asked, shifting his gaze over toward the two persons sitting.

"Mr. Johnny seems to have a finger in every pie. Are you deliberately following me around?"

Carla asked, feeling quite suspicious of him. If he wasn't tailing her in some way, then why did it feel so weird to be bumping into him almost every single time? Carla was thinking that it couldn't be purely by chance.

With a quick shrug of his shoulders, Johnny tried to explain himself, "You're taking it the wrong way. I just happened to be passing by when I saw you guys having a cup of coffee, so I decided to stop by."

"Oh? Is that so?" Carla scoffed at him. It seemed rather apparent that he came here on purpose no matter what kind of excuse he came up with.

Gazing at her with lustful eyes, Johnny found it hard to look away. He felt like the married Carla looked even more beautiful than before.

"Carla, who mi

sen's wife swiftly grabbed the phone from his hand and carefully examined it.

"Wow, this man isn't actually half bad. Good looks, well-to-do, and coming from a good background as well," Hasen's wife agreed with her husband as she went through all of the available details regarding Johnny. She actually appeared as though she was assessing her own son-in-law.

Carla quietly rested the palm of her hand over her face.

Truth be told, she could hardly bear the family sitting in front of her any longer. It wasn't like anything had actually happened already and they hadn't even met Johnny themselves, but yet there they were, already judging his character.

"Carla, lend your cousin a helping hand in getting to know Mr. Johnny. You can't let any other guy take advantage of our Lynn," Hasen's wife requested, beaming Carla a smile to convince her to do the favor for her daughter, right after handing the phone over back to Lynn.

Placing her hands down at the table, Carla admitted, "Aunt, I've already told Lynn that Johnny is a playboy, and I'm afraid that she's only gonna get herself in a world of disappointment."

"Carla, your aunt knows that there's no such thing as a perfect guy, and even the wealthy shouldn't be an exception. Just take you and Terence for example, the two of you have made it through a lot of hardships before you finally got married. So, you shouldn't worry too much about those trivial things. Just help Lynn get along with him for the time being. And if ever they don't end up being a good match, then Lynn can simply see other men," Hasen's wife retorted, sounding rather displeased.

Hopelessly raising her eyebrows, Carla was left at such a loss for words.

There wasn't really any similarity between Terence and Johnny. The two of them were like oil and water.

They knew fully well what their daughter was getting herself into, and yet they still chose to indulge her in her whims. For that reason, Carla began to think that there was no way she could find such materialistic parents as these two.

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