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   Chapter 442 Uncle Hasen Comes Again

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"The meeting is almost over. Just give me a few minutes," Terence said, looking at her.

Speaking of spending money, he would find a way to make her feel better.

This was who she was. If she could change overnight, then she wouldn't be Carla anymore.

Carla gave a nod and stayed in the office room.

After making sure that she was all right, Terence left the room.

After a while, someone knocked on the door. An assistant came in with some files. "Miss Carla, this is the financial report that Mr. Terence needs. I'll leave it on the table."

They were confidential documents, but since Carla was the boss's wife, he could just leave them here.

The assistant left the room after placing the documents on the table.

Carla walked over, sat down on Terence's chair, and took a look at the financial report.

It was a detailed report. It explicitly stated information about the capital flow, the latest turnover in each industry, expenses, bank deposits, and private funds.

She couldn't help biting her finger as she scanned through it.

The monthly net profit was over a billion. That was why Terence had asked her to learn how to spend money.

She would feel the same way if she was in his position.

At lunchtime...

Carla and Terence had lunch at a restaurant near the AJ Building.

"Terence, would you like to come back to BH City with me sometime?"

Carla asked as she ate the delicious Chinese food.

"Sure, how about this Sunday? I may be free then," Terence replied. He had so much work to be done. Otherwise, he would spend a lot more time with her every day.

"It's okay. There's no rush. We can wait until you're really free." Carla then turned to look at the family of three dining next to them. A young couple was playing with their little baby who was about five or six months old.

The little baby was very lovely. He was smiling and trying to catch his father's finger, which was being waved in front of him.

The young woman was looking at the father and son with a happy smile on her face.

Terence also watched them for a while, then placed his hand on Carla

ke the girls in this city.

"Carla, we've specially brought these local products from our hometown for you. We hope you like it!" Carla's aunt zealously held her hand.

"Of course, they look great. Thank you." Carla smiled as she gracefully received them.

She took a seat beside Lynn.

Her aunt and uncle were seated opposite them.

"It's our pleasure!" said her aunt, grinning.

Things were different now. Previously, when Carla had just been dating Terence An, her aunt and her uncle had thought that it wasn't a big deal. But now that she had become his wife, they had to keep in touch with her.

"Carla, it's been a long time since I last saw you. I'm so sorry. I got tied up at school, so I didn't get to hang out with you," Lynn said affectionately, holding her hand.

"Don't worry about that. Your parents must be so happy that you're studying hard," Carla replied with a smile.

Hasen looked at them and exclaimed, "How time flies! Lynn is already 21. She's not a little kid anymore.

Carla, last time, when we attended your wedding, I saw a lot of young and eligible men. Maybe you can introduce one of them to Lynn."

Carla froze for a moment and then nodded. "Yeah, sure. I'll do that if I meet anyone."

Terence was right. This uncle would never have come here for nothing.

Last time, he'd come here for his daughter's future. This time, he'd come here for her marriage.

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