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   Chapter 439 Let's Go

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"What did you say?"

William asked. Then, he suddenly turned around and stared at Carla. With those few words, Carla was stunned for a few seconds. She thought to herself, 'Did I say something just now?' Carla was suddenly confused. She really did not know what she had said to induce such a reaction from William.

As if he heard her thoughts, William answered her question. "Did you just say that Violet will contact you after she gives birth to the baby? Could this mean...she didn't have the abortion?" William slowly asked Carla. A lot of emotions flowing through his words.

He had long known and accepted the fact that it would be sooner rather than later when he would no longer be as young and as robust as he was. That was why he knew in his heart that he would do anything and sacrifice everything once he was certain that there was a possibility of him being a father.

And now, he had the tiniest bit of proof that what he had been wishing for so long could become a reality.

But on the other hand, he had already made a choice long ago that he couldn't just change his decision so casually.

"Hmm…D-did I say that?" Carla stuttered as she subconsciously pinched herself. On the inside, she was panicking. 'What did I do? How could I betray my friend?

But, I didn't tell him on purpose. Hopefully, Violet will understand.'

"I clearly heard what you just said. Carla, thank you so much. If Violet contacted you, please inform me as soon as possible!" William exclaimed with excitement and anticipation.

A lot of thoughts were already going through his head. But first, he knew that he had to find Violet before anything else. He didn't expect that he would hear such surprising news.

'So all this time, Violet was reluctant to give up our child, right? She must be, if she really didn't go through with the abortion, ' William thought happily.

"I…" Carla tried to fix the situation

but before she could finish her words, William already got in the car and had started it.

Carla could only sigh while she shrugged her shoulders. 'Violet, if he feels regretful after hearing the possibility of the news, maybe your story will have a happy ending.'

When she realized that it could work in Violet's favor, Carla stretched her arms. Then, she walked towards the beach with a hopeful smile on her face.

Before long, night fell.

It was rare for Terence to come back early but that night he did. Coincidentally, Carla had been busy in the kitchen, personally cooking two dishes for them. Although they weren't as tasty as what Sophie would normally cook, she was hoping that it could show her love and devotion for Terence.

Finally, when they were about to have dinner, Sean looked at the dishes on the table and scowled. He held up his chopsticks in the air for a while. If he were being honest, he wasn't willing to take any of the food from those particular two plates. "Carla, did something bad happened to you? Did you hit your head on the wall or something? Why did you cook today?" Sean asked.

"What are you talking about? You haven't even tasted them yet.

had a lot of money, Sean immediately asked Carla to buy something for him.

"Okay! Is there anything else that you want me to buy you? Tell me and I will definitely buy them later," Carla said with faux confidence. She turned to look at Terence and said, "Is it okay with you if I buy something for my brother?"

Terence nodded and said with a smile, "Of course. But I want you to understand what I actually meant earlier."

'My Carla is a smart girl. She can easily understand the true meaning behind situations and words with just a little hint.

She must have understood my intentions, ' Terence thought.

Carla turned to look at him, picked up the chopsticks and just continued to eat instead. She wondered if she should have etiquette classes that were set up for noble ladies.

But after pondering about it for a while, she told herself to just focus on dinner, without being too worried about it.

Carla noticed that the two dishes that she had cooked were almost gone and only Terence had been eating the two dishes.

As for the other dishes on the table, he only had a few bites.

After dinner, Terence went to the third floor with Nathan and Rainer.

Sean followed them with so much excitement.

On the right-wing of the third floor was a big gym.

When Carla was still in HA City, Terence fell in love with boxing. He often asked Nathan and Rainer to practice with him. So he asked someone to build a boxing ring at home.

These days, Terence would occasionally practice boxing when he had spare time.

Before, he did the sport to vent out his misery. Nowadays, he just continued doing it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And he felt that it would motivate people when they were fighting with each other.

"Terence is so great! Let's go! Let's go!"

Sean cheered for Terence while he was learning to carry out a punching posture in the boxing ring.

After Carla had finished eating, she accompanied Sophie for a while before going to the third floor.

As soon as she approached the third floor, Carla heard screams and cheers.

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