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   Chapter 438 Reasons For Kneeling

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10284

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"Oh! I know that you are the 'royal prince' of JA City and the respected Mr. Terence of the An family! It's impossible for you to do as I say!" Carla complained.

She pursed her mouth into a childlike way and continued, "I think my position in this family is still dispensable even after you married me. I..."

Her words instantly halted when Terence got down on his knee gracefully like a prince.

He then looked up at Carla and said, "I didn't hear you clearly just now. Did you ask me to kneel before you?"

Carla was stunned. She just wanted to test if Terence was telling the truth when he said that he would do anything for her.

What he did immediately reminded her of the time when he proposed.

Seeing him kneel before her made her feel like she was the queen of the world.

Because at that moment, he gave her his whole world, not to mention his dignity.

The satisfaction she felt that time was surreal. Thus, she asked him to do it again without much thought. She didn't expect Terence to do it without any hesitation, though.

"Terence, stand up! I was just kidding. You shouldn't have taken it seriously!" Carla was so flattered that she jumped from the sofa and helped him up. However, the man grasped her hand quickly instead.

"What are you afraid of, my dear wife?" Terence asked with a smile.

"I...I"m not afraid. You have already done this when you proposed to me. I just thought that you would be embarrassed to do it again," explained Carla, looking at him while sitting on the sofa.

"Feel embarrassed before you? That's not going to happen," Terence laughed, thinking that she was funny. She even looked more nervous than him.

"Okay! Okay! Anyway, stand up quickly. I just wanted to feel the same way when you proposed to me. That's why, I said that. Hurry up! You are a big man. You shouldn't be kneeling like that!" Carla went to pull him up but Terence tugged on her arms and embraced her.

He looked at his wife and then without much ado, kissed her lips deeply. "Do you have any idea why a man kneels?"

"Why?" she asked back while putting her arms around his neck and blinking her eyes at him.

"A man will inevitably kneel before his parents and elders. They raised him and brought him up, so it's reasonable to kneel before them. But a real man will doubtlessly kneel before a woman if he truly loves her. It may be the parents who raise a man during the first half of his life but it will be his wife who will accompany him for the rest of it. Regardless if his parents and wife don't regret loving him, a man would always love them back unquestionably.

That's the reason why a man would never feel embarrassed to kneel before his parents and his wife,"

explained Terence while lovingly rubbing his nose on her cheek.

Relieved by his words, Carla joked, "You are so correct, Terence! Then why don't you kneel a little longer?"

Terence burst into laughter. He then kissed her lips and snickered in her ear, "Okay, let's go to bed. You can choose a comfortable position and then have me kneel as long as you

g me that you want her back? Are you sure that you won't leave her again if you encounter the same situation?"

William shook his head and said firmly, "Once is enough. I won't be so foolish to make the same mistake twice."

He then stepped closer to Carla and asked anxiously, "Carla, I'm begging you to tell me where she is. You do know where she is, right?"

Carla shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. "I don't know!"

"What? You don't know? Isn't she here?" William frowned and immediately looked around as if searching for someone.

Helplessly, Carla smiled and pointed to the villa behind her. "Would you like to go in and search for her yourself?

That's the truth. I really don't know where Violet is. She told that she would contact me as soon as she got settled. However, I still haven't received any call from her in the past two months..."

she honestly said.

"Are you sure you don't know anything?"

William asked again. He was so disappointed that he could feel his knees getting weak.

Truth be told, he didn't want to come here to disturb Carla.

However, he was left with no choice. He had been looking for Violet everywhere since his wedding got canceled.

At that time, Carla was having her wedding ceremony. He thought Violet would be there, so he tried to find her at the wedding. However, he didn't find her there and left with his heart empty.

Carla had gone on her honeymoon a few days after, leaving him no chance to ask her about Violet.

He had been waiting for Carla to come back since then.

"I really don't know! Violet said that she would contact me once she finds a suitable place to give birth to her child. So I guess she will contact me later after she finishes these things," Carla muttered while recalling what her friend told her before saying goodbye.

William turned away wordlessly with his jaws clenched. He was ready to leave but then froze as he opened his car. His eyes suddenly widened upon realizing something.

'What did she just say?' he asked himself amazingly.

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