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   Chapter 437 In Charge of Our Finances

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Carla glanced at Terence as he walked in and kept stuffing money into her wallet. She had never imagined in her whole life that she would experience having such a stuffed wallet. That was why she was struggling to keep the banknotes inside.

"What are you doing? Are you really going to fill your wallet with all that money? Don't you have any bank card like a debit card? You can also pay via mobile phone thru apps," Terence pointed out.

Terence looked at their cash-covered bed and smiled helplessly. He could barely even sit at the edge of the bed with the wads of cash around him.

"They are not the same! Spending cold hard cash gives me this special warm feeling," Carla replied. Upon seeing that her wallet was already filled up, Carla had finally stopped putting money in and placed her wallet into her handbag.

Terence tapped his temple for moment and then took out his cellphone. "Well, some people directly transferred some cash gifts through my phone. How about I transfer them to you now?" He asked.

When she placed her handbag on her bedside drawer, Carla's ears perked up. She immediately turned around with sparkling eyes. When she saw the amount of money on his mobile phone, Carla couldn't believe her eyes. 'That's got to be a lot of zeroes!' She thought to herself.

But she decided to act proper and pretended to be polite, "Ahem, dear husband. You don't need to transfer all of them to me. Maybe just a little bit will be enough for me."

Terence smiled, took his wife into his arms, and then started tapping his mobile phone. Carla stared at him wide-eyed. He just transferred all of that money to her! He said, "Carla, all of these are for you. Feel free to use them at will and there's no need to save for anything. And in the future, you should drop that frugal habit of yours. Otherwise, to whom should I give all the large amounts of cash I earn?"

"Hmph! You are so cheeky, Terence! It seems like my husband is complaining because I don't know how to spend money!" Carla rolled her eyes, snorting. But even so, she took out her cellphone and accepted the money Terence transferred to her.

"Hey Carla," Terence spoke as a playful smirk appeared on his lips. "Want to make a bet? Once we have returned from our honeymoon, I'll give you a bank card. If you manage to spend all the money in that card, then you win. What do you say?"

Terence knew that Carla had always been frugal. She would check price tags first before buying. If she knew she couldn't afford something, she would never buy it.

Carla's confidence began to ooze. She mirrored his smirk, "So what if I win?"

She placed her mobile phone on the table and crossed her arms, as if she was challenging him.

"Feisty, eh? Then if you win, you'll be in charge of the finances in our family,"

Terence replied without any hesitation.

"You serious?" Carla gasped in disbelief.

"Of course, dear. But to make it clear, you're in charge of my personal assets. It does not include the money of the An family and our companies." Besides, Terence had invested some of his money in stocks and real estate then the rest was kept in the bank. Some were even in time deposits!

"That's fine with me!" Carla enthusiast

the type to say such moving words. Instead he would always fight in jest with her and pull stupid pranks.

Carla had noticed how her little brother was trying to hold back his tears.

"Oh, Carla, please don't cry. You know, I found the love letter that you have hidden away. I have to admit that I secretly gave it back to Sean..." Terence looked at the woman in tears in his arms and immediately changed the topic of their conversation.

Upon hearing his words, Carla suddenly stopped crying and looked dumbfounded. She suddenly got up and sat down on Terence's lap.

"Wait! What the hell did you just say? How did you even find it?" Carla asked in irritation as she grabbed Terence's collar with both hands.

"Babe, please don't be so angry at me. I didn't mean to see you put it in two different places." Terence held Carla's wrist and touched her small face gently with a smile, "I gave it back to Sean because I don't want him to get distracted. It might affect his studies, you know."

Carla glared at Terence and finally released his collar, "It was supposed to be future blackmail material! How could you give it back to Sean? All that precious time spent putting that letter back were all in vain!"

"Carla, I'm sorry. It's my fault. Feel free to punish me,"

Terence looked down at Carla, affectionately awaiting for her punishment.

"Me? Punish you? Well, this is your house! Why would I dare punish you?" Carla looked at him. Then thought for moment. She tapped her chin as she looked up. Later, Carla turned around him with a playful smile, "Be honest with me. Do you swear that you'll do whatever I say?"

"Of course, Carla. You're my wife! Only you are the one who has the right to do this," Terence replied, trying to repress his smile. He started to guess what Carla was thinking at that moment.

Carla coughed then let go of him and sat down. Then she smirked, peeked at Terence, and whispered softly, "Alright, my dear husband, I want you to kneel down."

Terence was suddenly stunned for a few seconds and wondered if he heard it right. "What did you say?" Carla kept that smirk, "You heard me. Kneel down."

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