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   Chapter 436 Babe, Let's Go Home!

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Outside the police station.

Checking the time, Rainer thought that everything would have been done by now, but Carla still didn't come out.

It was late afternoon when they had come out and an hour had passed since then, so it was almost dark outside now.

Peeping in through the door from time to time, Rainer waited for a while, but he still couldn't see Carla.

After some time, he didn't have the patience to wait anymore, so he went inside to check.

However, there was no sight of Carla inside the police station.

At that moment, his phone rang.

"Rainer, is everything done? Why aren't you back yet?" Terence asked over the phone.

He had seen that it was getting dark and had started to wonder where Carla and Rainer were.

"Mr...Mr. Terence. I saw Ms. Carla go into the police station an hour ago. After that, I waited outside because she told me to. But when I went inside just now, the police told me that she has already left..." Rainer reported nervously.

Wiping the beads of sweat on his forehead, Rainer walked around and looked for Carla nearby.

However, he couldn't find any clues as to where she could have gone since it had been a long time since Carla had disappeared.

Upon hearing this, Terence hung up and came to the police station from the An Manor in no time.

When he arrived, he learned that Carla hadn't reported the case but had instead left via the back door.

Actually, when the police had asked her about the situation, she had stood up to tell the truth.

But at the last moment, she had chosen to keep silent.

Meanwhile, on a bus in JA City, Carla sat listlessly in one of the middle seats, looking at the neon lights outside.

In the end, she hadn't said anything.

She'd thought of what Terence had said and realized that she was a member of the An Family.

She wasn't the former Carla who had nothing and cared about nothing.

Now, everything she did wasn't just her own business anymore; it would affect the reputation of the An Family.

If she had submitted an official report at the police station, Megan would have been arrested.

However, Edmund would blame her for this, and Terence would be scolded because of her behavior.

Carla herself would be labeled as selfish and ignorant.

Hence, Carla chose not to turn Megan in.

This way, Edmund would feel that the An Family owed Carla a lot. On top of that, the Luo Family would not dare to trouble her because she had dirt on Megan. But the most factor was...



nce, earmark half of the AJ Group's shares in BH City to Carla and her brother. It's a kind of compensation."

Edmund said to Terence and Carla after some thought.

Would Carla stand on ceremony?

Would she refuse with a strong sense of righteousness?

Of course not!

She would never do that!

Although BH City wasn't a large city, half of the shares would still be worth a lot of money, not to mention the ownership of prosperous shops.

If she ever returned to BH City, she would be a feudal lord, and then no one would dare to bully her and Sean.

After accepting the compensation, Carla went to her bedroom.

She relaxed a little now that she had gotten some compensation for her troubles.

When she was about to go to bed, Rainer and Nathan brought a bunch of stuff into her room.

Taking a close look, Carla found that they were cash gifts sent by the guests, among which there were two boxes of envelopes of cash and one box of gold jewelry.

Now, she figured out that Terence had planned to make it up to her with money.

But did she look like a money grabber?

She didn't think so.

Carla thought about it while she counted the money on the bed.

It was strange that counting money could make her forget everything unpleasant, though in the end, she was confused by the amount of money she had received.

Randomly picking up some of the envelopes, she put them in the suitcase she carried every time she went back to Seaview Villa.

'It's more convenient to use cash sometimes. By the way, I need to put some in my purse, ' Carla thought.

So, when Terence walked into the room, he saw Carla busy putting some money into her purse.

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