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   Chapter 435 Call The Police (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6071

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Meanwhile, Carla was glaring at him with disputable anger glimmering in her teary eyes.

Soon enough, Rainer arrived.

"Rainer, drive Carla to the police station. Do whatever she asks of you, do you understand?" Terence ordered without breaking his eye contact with Carla.

Carla was the one to look away first and she immediately got into the car.

The car was out of the property in a minute. Meanwhile, Edmund had been watching them but as soon as he noticed that Carla left in the car, he immediately walked over to Terence.

"Terence, did you let her go just like that?"

Looking in the direction that the car went, Edmund snorted as he scolded, "Is that the wife you chose? The wife that you fought for?

What exactly did you see in her? Do you think that she deserves the An family?

People like us need to consider our actions more carefully since things in our world are not that simple. How could she forget about the An family and leave us behind just to comfort her own feelings? Look at her. How could she be your perfect wife if she can't bear such a tiny little frustration?"

Edmund closed his eyes slowly as he took in a deep breath. He was so annoyed and enraged that he needed to calm down. After which, he added, "She already brought so much trouble even though she just joined our family. What a trouble maker!"

But Edmund completely missed the point. More so than Carla's fault, it was Megan who should be blamed for what happened.

This was the reality of their world, however. Things were not always black and white. Things were not always what they seem. And even though they lived in a comfortable life of luxury, decisions were always hard for them.

"Father, she didn't do anything wrong. She just doesn't think like us. It's not her fault that she doesn't understand

cluding Terence, her husband! Even he had tried to persuade her to accept it.

The reality was slowly setting in and she couldn't believe how cruel it was.

"Mrs. Carla, we have arrived at the police station," Rainer called out to her as soon as they reached the station.

Carla looked up and indeed, she saw the sign of JA City's police station.

She opened the car door and got out of the car immediately. But not before she turned to Rainer and stated, "Rainer, wait outside for me."

Carla closed the door and walked to the entrance.

"Mrs. Carla, how about I come with you?"

Rainer suggested, already trailing behind her.

"There's no need. Terence told you to listen to me just now, didn't he? Wait outside for me," Carla ordered.

After making sure that Rainer wasn't following her anymore, Carla stepped into the police station.

Carla didn't want Rainer to come with her since she would just be reminded of Terence when she saw Rainer. She didn't want herself to hesitate over this.

The police station was bustling at that moment so Carla took a seat and waited with patience.

Soon, a police officer in uniform walked over to her.

"Excuse me, lady? How can I help you?"

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