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   Chapter 434 Call The Police (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6137

Updated: 2019-10-14 03:11

Terence could only stand by the door. He remained immobile as his eyes followed Carla who was leaving at that time.

"Terence, for goodness sake, there you are. Hurry up and come here! Help me talk to Carla," Edmund called out.

He was flooded with relief once he noticed Terence.

"Get out of my way,"

Carla stated indifferently. There was not even a hint of remorse in her eyes as she looked up at Terence who was on her way out.

But who could actually blame her? As soon as she found out that Terence was involved in the matter, she couldn't help but blame him for it. What was worse, he tried to hide it from her. She felt betrayed and hurt that someone she loved so dearly could do that to her.

"Carla, please, let's talk about this first,"

Terence finally said. He caught Carla's hand gently and urged her out of the room.

They eventually stopped behind the bamboo garden in the yard. It was pretty quiet there so they could have complete privacy.

Only by then did Terence let go of Carla's hand. He immediately stated in a comforting voice, "Carla, calm down please. I admit... what I did was so wrong. I did find out that it was Megan who had done it and I didn't tell you the truth."

In a regretful tone, he continued, "To be completely honest with you, I was being selfish.

Megan grew up with me. Our families knew each other very well. If we call the police, she would have to face at least three years in jail. So that's why I chose to hide the truth from you. I'm really sorry, Carla. Please find it in your heart to forgive me."

Meanwhile, Carla was listening to him quietly. Although Terence was being completely honest with her, she still couldn't help but be hurt with what she was hearing. She sneered and then asked, "So you all chose to cover for her even though she did something comp

back then has already happened. We can't change it anymore. Right now is what's more important. Right now, you're my wife. Could you please try to endure it for me?"

Terence pleaded with his eyebrows furrowed. If he were being honest, it pained him to say those words as well.

After all, he had promised her that as long as she was his wife, he would not allow her to be hurt. But then, this thing happened...

Carla shook her head and pushed him away.

"What if I insist in calling the police?"

Tears finally started to fall from Carla's eyes as she asked in a bitter tone.

She was so upset with Terence since he had known about the truth all this time and hid it from her. They were now husband and wife. They promised each other that they would love and protect each other. She couldn't understand how Terence could do that to her.

From her perspective, doing all of that just because the An family and the Luo family were close was utterly unacceptable. She felt hurt and betrayed by the person that she loved the most.

"Alright. Fine. I won't stop you, I'll even arrange a car for you," Terence conceded. He watched her briefly but when she didn't respond, he called Rainer to come pick her up.

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