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   Chapter 433 The Truth Regarding The Fire

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Terence was convinced that it was Megan who had asked someone to set the fire.

But he had been keeping the truth away from her.

That fire...

had burnt and ruthlessly obliterated so many precious things that belonged to her. All those memories in the house, including the furniture, were the only things that her parents had left for Sean and her.

It occurred out of the blue. She was so depressed at that time that it took her quite a long time to let it out of her mind and regain focus at work.

Now that Carla was exposed to the absolute truth, she couldn't restrain her anger anymore.

She kept going forward, passing a row of trees. Then, she entered the pavilion.

Megan freaked out when she saw Carla suddenly show up. She looked at Carla in a perplexed manner.

"Megan, what did you just say? You got my house burned down in BH City?"

Carla's eyes were so cold and furious. She fixed her eyes on Megan as she moved closer to her.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about..." Megan avoided maintaining eye contact and turned to the girl next to her, "I've got to go, my dad must be looking for me."

Carla got hold of her arms strongly and asked, "What's the rush? I asked you a serious question, and you haven't answered it yet.

Did you send someone to burn down my house or not?"

Carla gritted her teeth. She was visibly agitated.

"Oh, what on earth do you think you are doing? Let go of me!" Megan was anxious. She pushed her hand away and yelled, "It has been a long time. It's meaningless to bring this up right now."

"Meaningless? Megan, that was my beloved home! The only thing that my parents left behind for me and my little brother. And you decided to burn it down during the heat of the moment?"

"Did it ever occur to you that if that fire grew bigger, it could have spread to other floors and maybe even caused the death of other people?"

Carla grabbed Megan's clothes and pushed her to a pillar inside the pavilion.

Megan struggled fiercely in a futile attempt to escape, but Carla had no intention of letting her go.

Obviously, Megan found it impossible to counter Carla who had been extensively trained for a month. Even though she had been out of practice for a while, she still remembered most of the training moves.

"I don't get this. How did an attempted mass murderer like you get away with it?"

Carla would've loved to slap her in the face. But she suddenly reminded herself that today was her wedding day, so she struggled strenuously to not commit any blunder.

"So what? It was jus

s not make a scene here. Could you just do me a favor and let it go, please?" Edmund persuaded her in his soft voice. He knew he had to employ every leverage at his disposal right now before the issue blew up beyond proportion.

If it weren't Megan, he wouldn't have given a damn.

But Megan's father was an old friend whom he had known for decades. He couldn't watch his daughter go to jail, could he? He felt that it was an obligation to his dear old friend to look after his beloved daughter.

Megan had unequivocally committed a serious crime of arson if she had indeed deliberately started the fire as Carla claimed.

"Father, will you kindly get into my shoes for one moment and think about it? Look at her attitude, look at what she has done. Is there any sign of repentance from her despite the seriousness of the crime she has haughtily committed?"

"She was incredibly lucky that the fire was extinguished on time that day. If any of the victims had been burnt to death, would you still have helped her cover it up and let her get away with it without a care in the world? !"

Carla closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. "I'm not willing to let this go easily. She has to take responsibility for what she has done and for being a horrible criminal that she is."

If they could just consider Megan as any other sane woman, they would easily deduce that she showed no signs whatsoever of remorse or regret for what she did.

So Carla felt obliged to teach her a lesson and make her pay for her filthy actions.

Carla turned round to walk toward the doorway.

At the moment she was just about to walk out of the door, she noticed Terence walking in towards her. His face was hard to read.

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