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   Chapter 432 I'm Not Marrying You To Return Your Favors

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11106

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Hearing all the noise, Edmund decided to find out what was happening. Thus, he stood up and walked to where it was coming from.

"What's wrong with you, Megan? Why are you crying? Who made you cry?" he immediately comforted Megan as soon as he came out and saw her crying.

Megan noticed him approaching, so she hugged his arm tightly and sobbed louder, "That daughter-in-law of yours is too arrogant, Uncle. She ordered me to leave during our meal. I don't even know why and thought that it might be because I said something wrong.

I don't think I'll be coming back here in the future. I'm so scared that she might kick me out again."

Edmund patted Megan's back gently while consoling, "What are you talking about, my poor girl? Your father is my good friend and you are welcome in this house anytime you want. Who would dare to kick you out?"

Strategically, Megan gave Carla a fierce glare.

"Well, I see. Carla, apologize to Megan. It is quite normal for youngsters to have arguments. Today is a big day, so don't mess it up."

Edmund said to Carla in a serious tone.

Silently, Carla's fist clenched under the table. She looked down, thinking, 'Today is my wedding day. Why should I apologize to her? That's ridiculous!'

"What's going on here, Father?"

Terence walked towards them and asked worriedly. He glanced at Carla, who was sitting silently, and then shifted his gaze to Megan, who was now sporting her red teary eyes.

"Terence, your wife bullied me." Seeing that Terence came over, Megan took advantage and blurted out even before Carla could speak.

"What happened, Carla?" Terence stretched his hand towards his wife, completely ignoring Megan.

Taking his hand before standing up, Carla replied, "Nothing. I was just eating when someone cursed me in a roundabout way. I felt uncomfortable. Today is my wedding day and I just want to do everything at my will. Thus, I said something casually. That's the whole story."

As a reaction, Terence held Carla's hand tighter with his eyes not leaving her face. He then nodded understandingly before reaching out to her hair and raking his fingers through it. He then said to the others, "Hear me out, Father and Uncle Aaron.

Today is Carla's and my big day. She is the bride and most importantly, my wife. I don't want to hear anyone bad-mouthing her and more so, I won't tolerate anyone saying anything malicious against her."

Edmund coughed to break the embarrassment. He then smiled helplessly and said, "Well, it's more than normal for two young girls to have different opinions. Don't stand. Let's sit down and enjoy the food."

On the other hand, Aaron pulled his wife, Rafaela, to him. He knew his daughter like the back of his hand. Now that Terence offered them the opportunity to avoid the embarrassment, it was advisable for them to seize it.

Arguing and going against such a powerful person would only lead them to trouble.

"You're right, Edmund. It's just a small matter. Today is Terence's big day. Megan, behave yourself. You are not in your own home."

Aaron turned to Megan while reprimanding her. He was about to walk back to his seat when Carla grabbed Terence's hand tightly, looked at him, and uttered, "Can you clarify something here, Terence?"

"What's the matter?"

Terence could see the seriousne

ng but a delivery girl who kept Terence living in her home for several days. During those days, they lived and did everything together in that small house. How could a man keep himself from falling in love with a girl who is with him every second? Every girl would seize the opportunity and try every method to seduce such an excellent man under the same circumstances. Am I right?"

The girl, sitting next to Megan was her good friend. Hearing Megan's explanation, she nodded and said, "That might be right. Apart from love at first sight, people always develop crushes on those who keep them company all the time."

"If it was me sharing the same place with Terence and meeting him every second back then, then today would have just been our wedding day. You see?"

Megan rolled her eyes while explaining. She then gnashed her teeth and added, "That's why I have always been considering her as a humble woman even after she inexplicably became the daughter of the Hua family. She doesn't deserve Terence."

"Hush! Talk quietly! We are still inside the An Manor. We will be in big trouble if someone hears us!"

The girl reminded Megan again.

Carla was just standing behind the tree, listening to them quietly.

She suddenly couldn't stop herself from thinking about what Megan said. Those words were lingering in her mind and troubling her. She didn't care about how she cursed her. She didn't even have issues with that and let that pass easily.

However, there was something unusual going on.

With her eyes wide open, she thought, 'What was she discussing just now?

The fire before?


Were they talking about the house our parents left me and Sean? Am I hearing it right that it wasn't an accident? So, it was Megan who ordered to burn our house!' Different emotions were suddenly flooding her after getting to that conclusion.

Shock, amazement, and everything else flooded her eyes for a short while.

Coming back to herself, the number of emotions downed to only one, anger.

She suddenly thought of how Megan mentioned Terence. Afraid that she might end up screaming, she covered her mouth firmly as her mind asked, 'Does Terence really know something about the fire?'

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