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   Chapter 431 As If The Bride Wasn't There!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8309

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In some cases, one has too many rivals in love.

"Hello, I'm Dany. Terence's aunt. Terence's mother passed away when he was a child and he had spent a lot of time staying with me ever since!"

Dany wore a pair of chic thin-framed glasses which made her look intellectual and charming. She smiled warmly and gave Carla a welcoming hug.

Dany added, "We should have met earlier! Actually, Terence called and asked me to come early but I got caught up with something."

Carla smiled back and nodded her head, "Thank you so much for coming. I am so glad to finally meet you!"

Carla was a fan of food shows and used to watch food shows back in BH City. Although she couldn't cook, she loved watching other people cook.

Meanwhile, Dany had participated in many cooking competitions and was always ranked high.

Hence, Carla had already known Dany because of those food shows. She was so delighted to finally see her in person and was actually surprised that she was Terence's aunt."

"Oh, dear me! How sweet of you. Here's a little present for you," Dany spoke as she handed a box to Carla.

Carla took it pleasantly. She initially thought that Dany would be as difficult as Edmund but she was wrong. Dany was a sweet woman who was full of delight.

It took time for Carla and Terence to meet all the elders of the An family.

Then they headed to the ancestral temple where the ancestor worship ceremony would be held.

And then they had lunch at An's Manor. The feast tables were already in place and there was an abundance of food and drinks.

It was Dany who designed the food for the feast. As far as Carla was concerned, she thought that it was way better than any meal made by some chef at a five-star hotel.

Carla then walked alone towards a table where the guests seemed to be of the same age as her. However, she felt something was off as soon as she had taken her seat.

She had been placed at that table because they wanted her to feel at ease with her peers.

Unfortunately, the arrangement turned out to be wrong.

She glanced over the table and saw Megan sitting across the table. Megan and Terence grew up together and the relationship between their families was tight. Hence, Megan and her parents were invited to the party.

When her eyes met Megan's glaring ones, she immediately looked away in embarrassment, only to catch Amanda's gaze.

Amanda also gazed at Carla with no sense of friendliness.

Carla let out a deep sigh.

Holy cow


Upon hearing that, Carla took a deep breath, dropped her chopsticks slowly, and stared straight into Megan's face. "Miss Megan, whatever my family is and whatever my background is, I am Terence's wife now. And it's because of me that you have an opportunity to sit here with us. If you aren't pleased with it, feel free to leave anytime!"

Carla stood her ground and demanded firmly.

Her words thoroughly irritated Megan more. "What did you just say? You dare to drive me away?

Did you all hear that, everyone? This evil woman wanted to drive me away!" she cried, attempting to make a scene.

"How could you be so rude to me? Is this what marriage brings you? Making you more unreasonable? How dare you!"

Megan kept raising her voice to draw attention.

Megan's parents heard her shouts and her mother came to her.

"Megan, what's the matter?" she asked with a concerned look.

Megan glared at Carla and replied in a miserable tone, "Mother! She's driving me away just because I said something she doesn't like!

I want to leave now! I can't stand to spend another second here!"

Megan dramatically groaned. She let out tears as if she was the victim. She could always make it appear as if she was the victim.

Megan's mother listened to her daughter and believed that it was Carla who had started to stir up trouble. Then she yelled at her husband, "Hey, bastard! Don't you have a heart! Your beloved daughter is being bullied! How could you sit there and eat?"

Terence also heard the shouts of Megan's mother, for he sat at the same table as Megan's father. Then everybody turned around quickly to see what was happening.

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