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   Chapter 430 The Wedding Night

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"So what should the bride and groom do on their wedding night?" Terence asked with a hoarse voice, snickering.

As a reply, Carla blinked her eyes slightly, smiled back, and replied, "Of course, something exciting should be done on the wedding night!"

However, her smile melted gradually when she looked at Terence and said, "But you're not new to this anymore. We've been doing this for so long.

You know what, Terrence? I suddenly regret giving myself to you so easily before marriage. I should have been more reserved of myself until tonight..."

Actually, Carla was a bit remorseful and thought that they should have not made love too early. She felt like they missed one of the most beautiful parts of their wedding night, which was digging into each other's mystery.

It was her reaction that triggered the awkward silence between them.

Terence broke the ice and took Carla into his arms. He kissed her passionately until they were running out of breath. They were gasping when the kiss ended but Terence muttered, "Although we've been a couple for nearly a year, we were separated most times, Carla. We were seldom together. You have no clue about how much I've been looking forward day and night for you to marry me and be with me every day. I've never stopped wishing for this day when you cannot leave me anymore.

In short, we're just beginning our lives together Carla. Our story has just begun, understand?"

He kept staring at Carla dotingly the whole time. In his eyes, their relationship had just begun, which meant that they were just about to enter another phase of their lives.

"You know, I didn't mean that..."

Carla tried to explain with her hands propped on his chest but Terence cut her off.

"I know! However, I never regret anything. I felt from the beginning that I am the one for you. From the very first time I made love to you, I already planned to make love to you for a lifetime."

He muttered against her ear while smiling sweetly.

Carla looked up at him and then suddenly gave a sweet bite on his thin lips. He wasn't prepared when this fragile woman surprisingly flipped them over and pressed him under her body.

"Just to remind you, dear. It was I who made love to you when we first did it and not the other way around!"

refuted Carla in a naughty tone.

The whole wedding night was filled with exciting and happy lovemaking for the two. They never stopped until neither of them could move a muscle.

The following morning, the housekeeper came to knock on their door at an early hour.

"Mr. Terence, is Mrs. Carla awake? Almost all the relatives are already here.

It's time to go downstairs!"

Since it was the day after their wedding, the couple should bow their heads and serve tea to the elders according to the An family tradition. Then after that, they also needed to visit the An family's ancestral temple to pay respect to t


The living room was large but then almost three-fourths of it was occupied by the An family's relatives.

"Mr. Terence, Mrs. Carla, it's time to serve tea,"

said one of the maids while bringing them two cups of tea.

Carla was nervous when she took a cup with her trembling hand. She could even feel her stomach twisting! Taking a deep breath, she walked towards Nicholas together with Terence and served the old man his tea.

"Good! Terence, Carla. I hope for you both to live a happy life together and hold each other's hand until you grow old. Of course, I also hope for you two to have a baby as soon as possible, for our family!" Nicholas laughed heartily after giving his blessing. He then took two boxes from the side of the table and handed them to Terence and Carla.

"Thank you, Grandpa,"

the two replied in unison.

They then moved to serve tea for Edmund. This time, Edmund gave them a red envelope.

Curiously, Carla inspected the envelope and realized that there was a card inside it.

Since Edmund was the chairman of the AJ Group, Carla found it reasonable for him to give her a bank card instead. He must give her daughter-in-law a large amount of money based on his status. Thus, a red envelope wouldn't be big enough to hold such an amount of cash.

After a few hours, Terence and Carla were almost done serving tea to everybody. That was when Terence took Carla to a chestnut-haired woman wearing glasses. The woman looked like she was in her forties with a very unique temperament which was hard to ignore.

At first glance, Carla thought she was very gentle. However, after observing the woman some more, Carla found traces of coldness behind her soft-looking eyes. It was making people want to approach her but then dared not to try.

"Carla, this is my..."

"Terence, let me introduce myself!"

Just as Terence was going to introduce her, the chestnut-haired woman spoke first.

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