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   Chapter 429 Convenient to Crack

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7097

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Carla came out wearing a red and black Han Chinese robe for men. It made her look really masculine. Nonetheless, she knew that no one would even notice her once Terence came out.

Terence stepped out of the room too.

And as soon as he did, the hall was suddenly engulfed in total silence.

He was wearing a red and gold robe with wide sleeves. His narrow waist was accentuated perfectly by his wavy over-skirt. He then walked gracefully.

Carla could clearly see how everyone in that place was surprised, especially Theo, whose eyes were very wide for a while.

"Ah! Who's this girl? Although she's a little too tall, she is still so beautiful!" Walking over and looking at Terence eagerly, Theo couldn't help but touch his face.

"Do you need a punch?"

Terence squinted at him.

"No, I am just appreciating you. Why do you have to be so angry?" Theo pulled his hand back and stared at Terence. It was just then that he recognized Terence behind his unusual look. He thought that Terence would make himself look funny.

However, his transformation ended up amazing!

Seeing that someone molested his 'wife', Carla stepped forward and drove Theo away "What are you doing? This beautiful lady is mine. Can't you see it?"

Terence looked at the woman before him. His eyes were smiling and it made him more attractive. He was indeed a stunning woman while wearing that costume.

"Theo, we don't need to go down to the first floor, right? So, I suppose going around the second floor should be enough."

Theo nodded in a daze as he watched Terence and Carla walk with their hands joined.

However, everyone on the first floor could still see them if they would just look up.

"Oh, look! Are they celebrating their wedding in their bridal chamber? Is the one in women's clothing Mr. Terence?"

"Where? Let me see!"

The ladies who had just looked at the couple, all laughed out loud.

"Mr. Terence looks so pretty and fierce in those robes!"

"Yeah! She looks even more attractive than we do! Good thing he's a man!"

Edmund, who was sitting and chatting with some of his friends, looked upstai

those. You are my husband now and I will heavily rely on you in the future. I need to make sure that you'll always be okay too!"

Carla said with a smile. She then stood up and put another handful of nuts into his hand.

"Thank you, sweetheart. Umh... Has this stone been useful to you?" Terence took the nuts while still looking at the floor. The number of shells there made him realize how much effort Carla exerted in cracking the nuts. Thus, he sure needed to eat some of the nuts. Otherwise, her efforts would be wasted.

"It's okay. It was easy to use, but a bit heavy." While saying that, Carla cracked another walnut.

Terence smiled and looked at her. He didn't even say anything when Carla pounded on the nut using the expensive jadeite. If she liked using it, then so be it.

"Are you planning to eat all of these before sleeping?"

he asked while looking at their bed, which was still full of seeds.

Carla ate what she peeled and then stood up with her hands clasped together. Looking at the mess on the floor, she went to fetch some cleaning tools but Terence pulled her arm.

"You don't have to do that. Someone will be coming to clean those tomorrow."

Even before she could react, Terence gently pulled on her silky-strap pajama next. He then tenderly leaned his head on her shoulder and whispered, "Since you are officially my bride now, How about... we start our own business?"

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