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   Chapter 428 Beautiful Miss Terence

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Theo coughed several times to pretend to be serious.

Then, he turned his eyes to Terence and Carla.

"Terence, I have an idea. Could you two exchange clothes and run a lap around the villa wearing them?"

he asked, laughing maliciously.

He knew that Terence was an extremely macho man and although this request wouldn't be too difficult for other people, it would be a serious challenge for Terence.

Indeed, things were just as Theo had expected.

The corner of Terence's mouth quivered involuntarily as soon as he heard Theo's request. He looked at Carla's traditional red bridal dress and asked Theo, "Do you think her size will fit me? This idea won't work. Change it!"

"No, no, no! I like this idea! You can't change it! Even if her size doesn't fit you, you must figure out another way to wear it! Anyway, you must adhere to my request!" Theo immediately refuted.

Carla, who was standing next to Terence, couldn't help but bow her head and snicker.

Truth be told, Carla couldn't agree more with this idea! She eagerly wanted to see how Terence would look if he wore women's clothes. And of course, she didn't mind wearing men's clothes. The only problem for her was that Terence's trousers might be too long, but she could just lift the seams up or fold them.

"Theo, are you sure?" Terence asked while gritting his teeth, looking as if he wanted to hit Theo right now.

Suddenly, Carla opened her mouth after seeing the situation.

"Umm... Theo, I have a suggestion! My dress is tailor-made. I think it might be too small for Terence. I'm afraid that he'll tear it if he wears it.

I remember that there is a Chinese bridal dress in my room which is a little looser. It will definitely fit him. And you'll still have your request fulfilled. How about letting Terence change into that dress instead?"

Terence looked at Carla in surprise when he heard her suggestion, but Carla just gave an innocent shrug in response.

'I admit that I've asked him to wear women's clothes before, but this time, it was Theo who posed this idea! So don't blame me!' she thought to herself.

"Okay! That's a good idea! Hurry up, Terence, Carla. You only have ten minutes!" Theo replied and hurried them into the room.

When they entered the room, Carla closed the door, went to the cabinet, and took out the traditional Chinese bridal dress which she was ready to wear the next day. Of course, this dress was a modern version, so it was not as complicated to wear as the actual traditional clothes.

After taking out the beautiful and delicately embroidered bridal dress, she looked back and saw Terence looking at her with an unhappy expression on his handsome face.

"Terence, don't be mad. They just want to celebrate our wedding this way. You just need to put this on and walk around the villa. Although you don't have to take their request seriously, you should have a try at least!" Carla said, trying to persuade him.

Then, she walked over and help

miring how he looked in the dress.

It seemed that as long as he slightly raised the corner of his lips, Carla would be willing to do everything to get his smile.

"What are you doing? Why are you stunned?"

Terence felt puzzled after seeing Carla in a stupefied state. He waved his hand in front of her eyes, trying to pull her back to reality. Truth be told, although Terence was unhappy about wearing women's clothes, he thought that it wasn't as embarrassing as it could have been. At least this dress fit him.

The only drawback of this dress was that it was a little uncomfortable for him to walk.

Carla finally came back to reality and touched the corner of her mouth subconsciously. She had to admit that she was fascinated by him!

It was true that as long as a man had a handsome face, he wouldn't look ugly even if he was wearing women's clothes. And Terence was just a perfect example of this. He looked extremely beautiful in that moment!

Suddenly, Carla felt that she was a little ordinary compared to him.

Truth be told, she felt a little remorseful now. Terence's good looks would completely win the public's attention even though it originally belonged to her, the bride.

She thought, 'Why did I eagerly want to see him wear women's clothes before? What a mistake!'

"Why aren't you changing your clothes?" Terence asked when he saw that Carla hadn't even begun to change her clothes.

"Oh! Okay! I'll change right away!" Humming casually, Carla began to put on Terence's clothes.

She thought, 'What am I worried about? Terence is my husband! Why am I comparing myself with my own husband? However pretty he looks, he is my man!

Yes, he's mine! Nobody can take him away from me!'

With that in mind, Carla changed into Terence's clothes and tried her best to tighten the waistband of the trousers as his clothes were too big for her.

Soon, the door of the room opened.

Carla and Terence came out from the room, one behind the other.

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