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   Chapter 427 To Explore With The Mouth

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8359

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Theo was smiling from ear to ear as he led the newlyweds into the room.

Terence stepped inside with his hand clasping Carla's.

"Theo, guess what. I'm going to get you on your wedding day,"

Terence whispered into Theo's ear as he passed him.

He was determined to return the tricks back to Theo if he dared to put him in an embarrassing situation.

His words definitely sent chills down Theo's spine.

"I'm a little scared, Terence," Carla mumbled.

Just like a frightened kitten, she squeezed herself tightly into Terence's firm body.

She had witnessed how newlyweds in BH City were teased, and to be honest, it could get pretty frenzied and embarrassing.

Carla prayed silently in her heart that the people would be kind and not push her too hard.

Terence pressed her palm tightly as he replied in a calm voice, "No need to worry. Nathan is out there with the bodyguard. People will be driven out of the room if they dare to go too far."

"But it's our big day. We'd better not be involved in violence," Carla reminded.

No one wanted anything unpleasant to happen on their wedding day.

That was why Terence had allowed himself to be made fun of by these people.

"If you don't want to see violence, then work with me." A grin formed on Terence's face.

Terence was prepared to entertain his guests and make them happy. He would not mind being the laughing stock, as long as they didn't ask for too much.

Upon hearing that, Carla gave him a gentle tweak in his arm.

Theo then clapped his hands to get the attention of the lovebirds. "Well, well, no more whispers there. You'll have time to show your intimacy in public," he chuckled out loud as he took out a list from his pocket.

"Terence, I've been preparing for this day for a whole month. That's what friends would do, right?" Theo teased some more.

"Come on, pull the bed over here. Right over here, okay?"

As the props were already in place, Theo walked up to Terence with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

"The first game is called To Explore With the Mouth. Just lie down, Terence," Theo ordered.

As a crooked smile crept on his lips, Terence slowly and deliberately took off his coat, handing it over to Rainer before laying on the bed.

Seeing Terence obeying his commands, a triumphant look flashed on Theo's face. He had been waiting too long for the day when he would give the orders, while the others submissively followed.

"Give me the stuff." Theo took a bag from the man

How could it be over when they were just starting?

"Oh, come on, man! For the sake of all the efforts I've put into it, let's play one more game, please! I promise you won't miss anything outside the room," Theo begged.

"Today is your big day. We're all looking forward to sharing your special moments. You're not going to let us down, are you?"

Theo said with a groan, attempting to evoke a response from the group.

And seconds later, he immediately saw the results when one of them said, "Theo's right, Mr. Terence. One game is not enough. We're waiting for something more exciting. One more, please!"

"One more. We haven't had fun yet!"

The other people joined in, much to Theo's delight.

Carla breathed a deep sigh. She could sense that the situation was becoming complicated, but was glad that she wasn't married into an ordinary family or to an ordinary man. Otherwise, the situation would probably get out of control.

Terence was from the An family––a proper and decent clan, who would never allow the situation to get out of hand. Although he was tolerant of Theo, nobody dared to cause any mischief on his wedding day.

Terence then checked the time and said with his brow raised, "Fine. Just one more game."

Theo joyfully snapped his finger as he cried, "Bingo!"

He swiftly glanced over the list in his hand and decided to bring out the most ruthless one.

Although he was a bit frustrated to skip the others, which he thoroughly planned and prepared for, Theo was still satisfied to make Terence play the last game on his list.

Having done the easiest one, he now wanted the cruelest and naughtiest one for the finale.

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