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   Chapter 426 Wedding Party (Part Two)

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She went straight to the point, no holds barred. It seemed that the lady wanted to know who Carla really was when stripped of all the glamour.

Carla took a deep breath, paused for a minute before she could gather all her strength to answer the question. "Yes, it is true. I won't deny it. The truth is that my foster parents passed away when we were young, so I have been raising my brother on my own," she frankly replied.

"Really? Oh my, you really have been through a lot. We admire your courage and strength to push through with life's twists and turns. But everything turned out well in the end. The Hua family finally found you and now you are Mr. Terence's wife,"

the young woman said as she raised her glass for another toast. "Mrs. Carla, congratulations," she added.

Carla, on the other hand, felt a bit odd about the whole questioning. She went silent and took a sip of the wine.

After a while, Carla finally came to her senses and realized that these women were not really there to congratulate her. They were there just to gossip about her and Terence's relationship.

But none of these ladies dared to ask her directly about why she married Terence. They just beat around the bush, because they knew that they were no match for Carla's current social status.

They had an obvious strategy. They would first ask Carla tons of seemingly irrelevant questions and then leave, so that she wouldn't notice that they were trying to piece the stories together.

Carla realized that these women were trying to pry into her personal life.

She started to doubt if most of the greetings and the congratulations were even sincere. She then felt tired of having to assess each and every question if it had any hidden agenda.

And this led her to exhausting ment

y to do this kind of stuff?' she thought to herself.

"Carla, where do you think you're going? We've been waiting for you for ages, come on!" Theo shouted at her, grinning cheekily as if hiding something very shady.

Hearing what he said, Carla suddenly stiffened. She slowly turned around as beads of sweat formed on her face. "Mr. Theo, I think we can do this a little bit later. After all, my husband is not here yet."

As soon as she finished talking, Terence had come upstairs and walked towards them.

"Okay, He's here! We're ready. Let's get this party started! Bros, you know what to do!"

Theo said as he snapped his fingers and commanded his fellow men.

A deep furrow appeared between Terence's brows upon realizing what they were going to do.

Terence didn't want any other party in the first place, but Theo pestered him about it all the time. In the end he had to give in to the annoying persuasion.

Theo told Terence that they should have their fun at his wedding party. It would be mean of Terence not to let them do it. After all, it wouldn't hurt to let loose for just a little while.

"Bride and groom, it's time! Come on, let's go inside!" Theo said.

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