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   Chapter 425 Wedding Party (Part One)

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"Mrs. Carla, today is the wedding day and there are plenty of VIPs in the ceremony. I have reminded Mr. Terence over and over again to slow down on the alcohol, but it seemed like I was talking to a plant," Rainer replied as he scratched his head out of frustration.

It was a good thing that Rainer had picked out such an impeccable suit. The red flower on his chest really brought out the color of his eyes. As smart as he might have looked, his eyebrows were furrowed together as he could not comprehend why Mr. Terence had become hard-headed when it came to his drinking. Standing in front of Carla, he grabbed the bow around his neck and fixed it to take his mind off the pressing issue.

"Classic Terrence. He might have not listened to you, but I assure you... I know him well. I know how to turn his knobs. He will listen to me. It's easy. Just tell him it's my idea," Carla said as a smirk formed on the corners of her lips.

She didn't want to ban him from all alcoholic drinks during the wedding. After all, who would not take a sip at all the bottles of aged wine that were served in the ceremony? All she wanted was for him not to get drunk. The wedding would last for three days. If kept his drinking pace, he would end up being drunk for the whole duration of the wedding.

"Most certainly, Madam!"

Rainer nodded his head.

The plan might have seemed simple and such a no-brainer. But he had second thoughts as soon as he turned around and left his conversation with Carla. He wasn't really sure if Mr. Terence would even listen to anything Carla might or would say.

Because Terence was known to have such an attitude. When he was still a bachelor, everyone knew that no one could tell Terence what to do. He was the boss, and he made the rules. But of course, that was before, and Rainer clearly has not yet gotten used to any of this.

He thought tha

take a quick rest for her feet.

Carla was surprised at the warm greeting that she had received. She had no recollection whatsoever, who this person was. But Carla could tell from the woman's look that she was the wife of a high-ranking official.

"Oh, Thank you so much," Carla said as she raised her glass to toast.

"Mrs. Carla, do you mind telling us how you and Mr. Terence met each other? It must have been quite a lovely experience. Was there any spark the first time you saw him?" a younger woman asked intently as she walked near them and sat beside Carla.

Carla was caught off guard. She felt embarrassed to say that she was just a simple delivery girl when she and Terence met the first time, and she knew that she had to keep her story in the best version possible.

"When I was living in BH City, Mr. Terence went there once. We started to get to know each other after I bumped into him," she replied as she skipped over the important points of the real story.

"Oh, is that so? That's funny, because a little bird told me that you had such a hard time when you lived in BH City. There was even a story about you raising your little brother who was in primary school at that time. Is any of it true? Come on, you can tell us."

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