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   Chapter 424 I Was A Married Man

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Noah walked inside the house just as Carla looked at the door.

"I'm sorry that I'm late. There was an emergency that I had to deal with, at the company," he said.

"It is nothing, Noah. Come here and sit beside me!" Andrea gestured to the seat next to her. She then glanced at Tristan who was already sitting beside her and said, "Tristan, you need to keep your mind occupied with something else. How about you go to the company and help your brother with work?

You see, Noah is running this big business all by himself. It is time for you to start acting like a responsible adult."

Hearing his mother, Tristan scratched his head casually and replied, "I know, Mom. I'm still young though. I will help the company in two years. I'm still enjoying my time with my friends."

"Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life? Fool around and have fun? Your big brother started in the company when he was nineteen years old. Have you even made any contribution to the company yet?" Andrea scolded him.

It was then that Noah glanced at Tristan too and said, "It's okay, Mom. I can handle things by myself."

He then turned to Carla, who was sitting opposite him and asked, "Callie, here's your wedding present. Why don't you open it and see if you like it?"

It was not until he mentioned the present that Carla noticed the small bag in his hand.

Opening it, Carla found two jade bracelets inside the bag. She could easily tell that the bracelets were extremely expensive based on how the stones looked.

"Thank you so much for the present, brother. They are pretty nice."

Carla put them on and smiled upon seeing how the color complimented her skin tone.

"I'm glad that you like it," Noah replied and then looked away.

It was a few minutes after, that their servants served their dinner.

Their house was filled with a relaxing atmosphere. It was after dinner that Carla discovered how Noah encountered a lot of difficulty convincing York and Tristan to attend her wedding while she was in JA City.

Tristan was happy to come, but York remained unwilling no matter how hard Noah tried.

However, York showed up eventually that night after he thought that the event would do good for his business.

He believed that Carla could live a wealthy life right after they got married. He must have a good relationship with her from now on since his company could benefit from her marriage to Terrence.

Moreover, he also thought that he should come home as much as possible to take care of Andrea.

He was now willing to sort out his relationship with Carla after figuring out all these things.

A week passed.

The wedding day arrived in the blink of an eye.

The An family had delivered the wedding dress and betrothal presents to the Hua family the other day.

fferent places.

Carla was exhausted after having to run around. Her legs were so numb that she could hardly walk straight.

Her family left after lunch and Terence arranged a plane to take them home.

Each of them got a present before leaving.

Carla heard from Helen that Terence gave each of them a golden bracelet as a gift.

Carla was totally surprised and thought that it was very generous of Terence to do such.

However, she began to fear that some of her relatives might take advantage of Terence's generosity in the future. She was sure that the Hua Family wouldn't do that since they were wealthy enough. It wasn't like she was favoring the Hua Family more. It was just that she knew for a fact that some of their relatives could be greedy when it came to money.

Noah delivered his promise and gave several million dollars for her dowry to the An family.

Although the An family was wealthy enough and was used to seeing such a large amount of money, Noah still tried his best to make her look good.

There was barely anyone who could offer such a huge amount of money as the Hua family did. Noah believed that this large sum of money would eventually stop those people from gossiping about Carla's family background behind her back.

It was already around four in the afternoon when Carla finally relaxed.

She went back to the bedroom and took a rest. It was such a relief that today's ceremony was over and all that was left was the party tonight.

Although there were still some people coming to the party tomorrow and the day after, they would not be as busy as today.

"Rainer? Could you come here for a moment, please?"

Carla called him to their room and said, "Keep your eyes on Terence and don't let him drink so much alcohol. Do you understand?"

Because every time Terence was drunk, she was the one who suffered a lot.

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