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   Chapter 422 Be Ready And Wait For Me On The Bed (Part Two)

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Upon hearing Terence mention her relatives, Carla frowned and scowled subconsciously before she responded, "Not yet. I will finish it as soon as possible."

She lowered her head and became upset when she remembered that there was a time when her so-called relatives even refused to meet her and Sean for fear that they would be their burden.

And now that she had the opportunity to invite them to her wedding, she found it hard to think of anyone that she wanted to see at her wedding. There really wasn't anyone that she could think of.

They talked about more details of the wedding before heading to dinner together.

After that, Terence had intended to stay in the hotel for one night but Carla refused and asked him if they could go back home instead.

They had already enjoyed themselves in the proposal party and had dinner together. Now that the festivities of the grand proposal had died down a little, there was no better place to be than their home to relax and have a good rest.

While they were in the car back home, Carla could feel Terence's impatience and enthusiasm for her. He had already endured two months without physical intimacy. Now that she had fully recovered, his desire for her didn't stop for even a second during the day. Waiting for pleasure and pleasure only was easy for Terence but it had been hard to patiently wait for the connection that his heart longed for.

Yesterday, he took her to the hospital for a checkup considering that she only had the miscarriage about fifty days ago. He was worried that she might have not fully recovered yet.

However, the doctor said that her recovery had been going consistently well and she could engage in normal sexual activities already.

The moment he heard this, Terence acted just like a beast who had regained his freedom. He stayed close to Carla as much as possible and wouldn't stop initiating small physical intimacy whenever he could. Every time he looked at her, Carla felt like he was looking at his prey. It seemed like he could rush at her any second and swallow her whole. If Edmund

rectly went to her room.

She took a shower and applied a facial mask before walking out of the bathroom.

Upon entering the bedroom, she found that Terence was already there.

A little surprised, Terence scrutinized the mask on her face and asked helplessly, "Honey, how long does it take to apply and remove that mask?"

"About twenty minutes. Why do you ask?" Waiting for the mask to dry, she sat on the sofa, took out some paper and a pen. She finally thought of finishing the list tonight.

"How could it take so long?" Terence whined a little.

Frowning, he sat next to her and gently touched her ankle. Trying not to make it too obvious, he stared at her silk nightgown from the corner of his eyes.

Then, he saw a small hand reaching out to pull down her nightgown, covering her knees and thighs.

Holding the pen in her hand, she couldn't help but laugh when she noticed the strong desire in his eyes and the rest of his face. Just by looking at him, she knew that he was being tortured and was having a very hard time at that moment.

Terence gazed on the white as snow hand that was making the nightgown stay in place. Then, he let out a long breath. He stood up and said, "I'm going to take a shower now. I will be back shortly. Be ready and wait for me on the bed!"

After finishing his statement, he started undressing while he walked towards the bathroom.

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