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   Chapter 421 Be Ready And Wait For Me On The Bed (Part One)

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That night, the only thing that every person in JA City could talk about was Terence's grand marriage proposal to Carla.

Johnny, who was standing in his yard, glared at the chocolate on his hand. If looks could kill, the chocolate would have melted in an instant. He snarled while he crumpled the chocolate, ruining the wrapper with the letters T and C on it. But it seemed like it wasn't enough for he threw the ruined chocolate in the trash can with a thud.

Contrary to his actions, he thought to himself quietly, 'Naive, such a naive woman and what a stupid way to propose!

How could any woman agree to marry a man who simply showers her with all the grand gestures but lacks the most important thing—sincerity? Such a foolish woman!'

Still wearing the same annoyed look on his face, he entered the house and turned on the television. To his luck, the news happened to be broadcasting the proposal live. The whole screen was filled with balloons and flowers. It disgusted him to see Terence's indifferent and passive face. He thought, 'How can this guy not appreciate the treasure that's in front of him?' However, when he saw how happy and overjoyed Carla looked, he suddenly did not know how to feel.

It was clear to Johnny that Terence had really captured her heart. For some reason, he felt afraid that his speculation was right.

Although he did not want to admit it, he felt a huge disappointment in his heart. He flipped through the channels to try and distract himself but his disappointment just deepened when he realized that every single channel was broadcasting the proposal or parts of it.

Johnny sighed deeply in order to calm himself down but it did not work. He's finally had enough. The rage finally got to his head and he threw the remote control at the television. The screen broke into pieces as Johnny breathed heavily.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, a completely different mood was in the air.

On the second floor of a high-end restaurant, there was a sense of celebration and overwhelming joy.

Carla was enjoying the beautiful music as she looked down from the French window. Below were so many guests who were obviously having a good time. From her view, she could clearly see Theo, Nathan, and Rainer

e of himself and everything that he had for her.

For Terence, every single part of Carla, from her hair to her toe, was just perfect. He loved her deeply and sincerely like a devout believer and Carla was his God and savior.

"Carla, there was one thing I'd wanted to tell you. The wedding rings will be done in a week. So we have to wait for the wedding ceremony to exchange rings."

Terence explained for he thought that rings were integral to a proposal. But he had no other choice but to wait for them to be finished. Wedding rings were sacred and important so he didn't dare to buy substitutes.

While she chuckled a little, Carla responded, "Hey, why are you being so serious today? We already have the marriage certificate. And I didn't even expect that you would propose to me, much more so with that kind of a grand proposal. I'm already so moved with what you've done today. It's more than enough."

Then, she smiled at him and continued, "Besides, you can't control everything. Even if something didn't go as planned today or if you have regrets, then we can just make our wedding perfect, right?"

"Well, you are absolutely right. With that, do you remember that I once asked you to make a list of your relatives from the Ji family whom you want to invite to the wedding ceremony? Have you already finished doing that? I just thought that it would be really nice if they could come to the ceremony." Terence asked while he waved at the server to pour more wine into Carla's glass.

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