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   Chapter 419 It Was Better To Be Late Than Never (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6091

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But Carla found out that it was kind of fun making wedding preparations. She might get bored if she just sat back and didn't have anything to do.

She was proud not just to make a contribution to the wedding but to be very involved with the process. Everyone respected her opinions and was very understanding with the knowledge that she lacked. All of the people were easy to work with and were very accommodating. Carla couldn't ask for a better staff to help them.

Before they knew it, only half a month was left before the wedding.

The decoration of the house was almost done. The style was designed by Terence and it looked really nice. Carla was satisfied with the way he did it.

Yesterday, Carla got a call from Andrea, asking her when she was coming back home.

Carla suddenly came to realize that a bride-to-be should stay at her own house before the wedding day. But she had been spending a lot of time in the groom's house and busied herself with all kinds of things before the upcoming wedding.

After all, Terence had to pick her up at the Hua family's mansion instead of here, so she should go home and start preparing for the wedding there.

"Ms. Carla, Mr. Terence said that there will be a party tonight. He asked me to pick you up!"

Rainer excitedly said as he walked over to Carla. She was currently in the villa's living room, admiring the work that they had done for the past few weeks.

"Oh, okay. Just give me a second. I need to get changed," she responded with a small smile. She thought that it was time to tell Terrence that she should go home for a while.

The Hua family also needed to prepare a lot of things before her wedding so she couldn't just stay at Terrence's house. She realized that Andrea probably needed some help as well.

Although Carla's big brother was at

re T and C.

"Rainer, do you want one?" she asked.

Carla suddenly thought of Rainer and wanted to give him one, but when she turned around, she couldn't find him anywhere and the car was gone as well.

Suddenly, countless colorful balloons danced in the wind. It was so beautiful that it looked like it was straight from a romantic movie.

As the balloons kept falling from the sky, Carla raised her hand to touch the ones that fell beside her. She smiled widely as the sweet taste of chocolate still filled her mouth.

Although she didn't know who was the lucky bride, she sincerely thought her best wishes to the couple.

She could tell that the groom had put a lot of thought into the proposal. A part of her couldn't help but feel jealous of them and wished that she could have a beautiful proposal event like that.

When she turned around to look for Rainer one more time, she saw a man who was wearing a white suit walking through the colorful balloons. She wanted to see who it was, but the balloons obscured her view.

All that she could see was that he lifted his hand and caught a pink balloon that was falling from the sky.

And why did it seem like he was walking in her direction...

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