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   Chapter 418 It Was Better To Be Late Than Never (Part One)

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After hearing her question, Terence couldn't help but burst into laughter. Then, he let out a sigh, placed his arms around her waist and ushered her to walk towards the rails in front of them.

"What do you mean? Carla, I'm not interested in knowing their personal affairs. Besides, I don't have any idea about what happened between them. So I can't answer your question," Terrence replied.

Although he could gather information from his resources, he was already caught up in work every day. So he didn't have time to know what was going on with William and Violet. And if he were being honest, he wasn't interested at all.

It suddenly occurred to Carla that Terrence didn't have any idea about the whole story of William and Violet, so she simply told him about it.

After which, she asked, "I mean if you were William who was forced to take those medications and had a child with another woman, what would you have done?" Carla stared at him earnestly, waiting for a specific response.

What Terence really wanted to tell her was that he had also been forced to take some medicine before. At that time, however, he didn't lay a finger on the woman. With all his strength, he bit his teeth and tried everything he could to hold back the overwhelming desire that he was feeling. He even asked a doctor to give him a dose of tranquilizer.

However, Carla didn't know that such an incident happened.

"Well, if I were him..." Terence said as his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"Dear, can we not do this?" Terence gave up and sighed.

But Carla just looked at him more deeply and replied, "Come on, just answer my question."

Instead, Terence looked at the time on his watch, placed his arms around her shoulder once again and pulled her along with him out of the garden. It was time for them to pick up the wedding rings.

"If the same th

it to be perfect.

In the following days, Terence hired someone to redecorate the interior of the Seaview Villa. Fortunately, the designer and contractor worked really efficiently so it didn't take a long time for them to get the work done. Terence even brought some custom-made furniture for the house beforehand.

There were strict processes done with those pieces of furniture. All the furniture had to be tested by professionals. After they made sure that there were no problems with the pieces, such as excessive formaldehyde, only then could they be shipped to the Seaview Villa.

Time goes by really fast when one gets caught up in a lot of things.

Everyone was really busy and in a rush in the following days.

Sophie and the other servants were in a hurry tidying up the Villa since it would be Carla and Terence's house soon. Each nook and cranny had to be wiped, swept, polished, fragrant, etc. They were very detailed so that the Villa would be spotless.

As for Nathan and Rainer, one of them was responsible for protecting Terence, the other one had to do the things that Terence asked.

Although they had a professional team that was in charge of the wedding festivities, there were still a lot of things to do.

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