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   Chapter 417 I Was So Lucky To Have You Around (Part Two)

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"Oh, Violet..."

Carla was deeply moved by her words. But she knew how difficult it was for Violet to speak so many well-wishes quickly.

"Enough, Carla. We were not only best friends in high school. We are still best friends and our friendship will last forever! You know I won't forget you. When I settle myself down, I will then visit you with my baby. Maybe he will call you 'godmother' then. And you might even have your own child by that time!"

Violet faintly smiled at that last sentence. She reached out and embraced Carla tightly.

They hugged for a long time before they finally loosened their embrace. This might be the last time they could see each other for a while.

After taking Violet back to her own house, Carla planned to stay for a while and keep her company. But Violet saw through her and sent her home. She knew Carla was needed there.

Violet told Carla that since she was going to get married, there must be tons of things for her to deal with. Wedding planning was arduous work. So Violet told her not to worry and go home as soon as possible.

In the Seaview Villa.

Carla sat on a swing in the garden, absentmindedly swinging.

She was gazing at the sea blankly with a heavy heart.

She knew that not every relationship would end up happily ever after.

Even if you gave up everything you had for the one you love, sometimes all your efforts would be in vain. Loving someone didn't guarantee that someone would love you back.

She wondered whether what William said in the room was true or not. Did he voluntarily leave Violet because he really didn't love her?

Carla was busily thinking messy thoughts in her head. She wasn't aware that someone was coming towards her.

"What are you thinking about so intently?"

Terence suddenly stood in front of her.

He saw that she seeme

held her waist with one of his hands. "Carla, when we met and fell in love, we didn't have a child and there was no connection between our families. How can you not believe that I love you only because of you and not because of all the other external factors?

If our relationship is not deep enough, it would have easily fallen apart due to all kinds of things. Because if we don't love each other or can be easily replaced by anyone, there is no way we can be together!"

Terrence paused for a few seconds and continued, "Carla, I know what you are thinking about. William chose to leave Violet and move on, because he didn't love Violet. He didn't love her in the same way that I love you or you love me. That's why he gave up on her so easily and quickly."

Terence voiced out what Carla had been thinking the whole day.

When Carla recalled what had happened in the ice house, she found that there was a clear line between the mental and emotional needs of a man. Men can be passionate when they are in a relationship. But when the relationship falls apart, they walk away like cold strangers.

"Tell me, Terence. If you were him, what would you have done?"

Carla asked out of fascination and curiosity.

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