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   Chapter 416 I Was So Lucky To Have You Around (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6454

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"Violet, I know this may be hard for you. But can you think about keeping the baby?

The baby is already three months old. Don't you feel any attachment to him or her yet? How can you just give up on the baby?" William asked in disbelief.

A deep furrow appeared between his brows as he held the colored ultrasound paper in his hand.

No matter what happened between him and Violet, this was still a life they were talking about. After all, it was his own flesh and blood. How could he just let her have an abortion so casually like that?

"Haha. That's hilarious, Mr. William. Did you completely forget what you have said to me earlier? What? All of a sudden you see an ultrasound of the baby and it suddenly becomes real to you? So you can suddenly change your mind about not keeping the baby then? To this point, all you care about is the baby. Our relationship still means nothing to you, right?" Violet sneered.

She couldn't eat or sleep well for the past two months. Since she didn't take good care of herself, she was thinner than before. Other people couldn't tell that she was about three months pregnant.

She even hid it from Carla. Even Carla couldn't tell either that Violet was pregnant.

"Violet." William muttered. He wasn't sure what to say.

"Mr. William, listen to me carefully. Whether you did it out of your own free will or not, you are having a child with another woman. You chose to be with her instead of me. You can have a happy family with her and your child right now.

I won't bother you anymore, so don't bother me either. Don't meddle in my affairs. You've already made it very clear how you feel about me and the baby. It's none of your business whether I keep the baby or not!"

Violet violently opened the door and stormed out of the room.

Carla who was waiting and sitting on a bench outside, suddenly stood up. She hurriedly walked up to her.

"Carla, let's go."

Violet g

wedding. I want to leave this place. I want to settle down somewhere quiet, where no one knows who I am and start over.

But don't worry about me. After my child is born, we will take time to visit you!"

"What? Moving? Violet, calm down and think clearly. Where are you going with the baby?" Carla worriedly asked. She grabbed Violet's hands tightly, looking anxious.

"I haven't thought about it yet. There are so many suitable places out there. But no matter where I end up, I promise you that I will take good care of myself, okay?"

Violet slightly shook her head and tightly squeezed Carla's hands. "Carla, do you know? Sometimes I feel so jealous of you. You have a loving mother and a loving man in your life, whereas I don't have either. But we all have our own destiny. I've already accepted it and I don't blame anyone for it.

Congratulations in advance on your marriage. I hope that you live a wonderful, loving life that will make me and all the other women in the world jealous to death!

I know I currently don't have a lovely man like Terrence who can take good care of me for the rest of my life, but you do, sweetheart. So I wish you a brand new future with your loved one!" Her words were caring and loving, but her tone was tinged with pain and sadness.

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