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   Chapter 415 Closure

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"I will wait for you outside, Violet. Call me if you have any problem, okay?" said Carla gently.

She then turned around and closed the door behind her.

When she left, there was nothing but silence in the room.

Violet trembled with fear as soon as she was alone with William. She was standing behind him and she could feel his coldness on her skin.

The atmosphere inside the room was so tense that she could barely breathe.

Violet thought that she was brave enough to face all kinds of adversities. But falling in love with William suddenly made her realize that she had changed into a weak and timid girl.

Thinking of what Carla told her on the way here, she raised her head and stared at William who was still not looking at her.

"William, I'm the one who asked Carla to do this. If you are upset about it, you can vent your anger on me," she said through her teeth.

Carla told her that she should be stronger once she faced such and awkward and difficult situation.

William would only take her for granted if she begged before him. Worse, doing that would actually hurt her own self-respect.

"I came here because I wanted to ask you one thing! You told me that woman made you take the medicine so she could have your child. Is that true?"

she asked with her eyes blurring with tears.

That was when William slowly turned to her.

Shock immediately flooded him upon laying his eyes on Violet. She was so much thinner than he could remember.

"Why are you always fixating on this thing? It will not change anything anymore. The point is, she is having my child and we are getting married. That is something you and I should always be aware of!"

William finally managed to say after pausing for a second.

A bitter smile spread across Violet's face as she shook her head. "No. It's different, William. If she forced you to take the medicine, I could probably convince myself not to hate you for doing this to me! That you didn't betray our relationship after all."

Violet wanted nothing more than to know whether the rumor was true or not.

She was yearning for an answer.

"I never lied to you. I told you everything."

Pausing for another second, William explained how his parents got involved in the matter and how he didn't have the courage to say anything.

"Okay then." Violet smiled bitterly. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and then looked up at him. She asked, "Can I ask you one last question, William?"

William nodded his

d she could feel how much it was fighting to live. Their baby remained firmly growing inside her.

"Violet, what are you talking about?'

William was beyond shock while staring at her. He immediately walked to her and took the paper from her hand. He was completely dumbfounded by what he saw on her ultrasound scan. He suddenly couldn't move a muscle.

"Is our baby almost three months now? Why didn't you tell me before!"

William asked in rage.

It didn't matter. Violet was already dead inside. She couldn't even manage to smile while looking at his reaction.

"Why should I? You've already had another child with someone else. I didn't think that you would even care about this baby in me. More so, your family.

I'm just telling you about this so I can leave you without any regrets. You should feel bad for abandoning your baby like that, even for one second. Even if other people wouldn't know that our baby exists, as a parent, a father, you should know that it is here. Well, at least you get to know about our baby before it is gone."

Closing her eyes slowly, she said, "I will go to the hospital tomorrow and have an abortion. You have nothing to worry about."

She sobbed and continued, "I've heard that you're getting married next week.

Congratulations. I wish you all the best, a happy marriage and an adorable child with her. Oh! I forgot. You already have one..."

Violet's eyes remained cold and dead. She was not any better than just a flake of snow, melting silently as she stood there. Ready to leave, she dragged her feet towards the door.

That was when William suddenly grabbed her arm and stopped her in her tracks.

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