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   Chapter 411 Mask Restaurant (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5537

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a woman with a Mayura mask on her face walked in. She came over to him and secretly grinned at him. "Guess who I am?" she said while purposely deepening her voice.

"Sit down. The dishes will be ready in a minute. Don't play around," Terence ordered without bothering to check her face. Her voice was so familiar to him that he would by no means mistake it, no matter how hard she tried to disguise herself.

Carla stared at him from behind the mask, pouting.

She then secretly took out the other mask and went around him to put it on his face.

With the cool black and gold mask on, Terence was even more charming than before. Now he looked very much like a cool night emperor.

"Nice. Very charming. Now you're full of mystery to me."

Carla joyfully examined the mask that she had picked for him, mentally patting herself on the back.

She then took out a little mirror from her bag and held it in front of his face so he could see himself.

Terence glanced at the mirror and then looked at Carla, who looked like she was enjoying herself very much. He said affectionately, "All right then. Now that you've got the masks on both of us, can you please sit down and eat?"

Blissful that he was going along with the fun, Carla obeyed and sat down beside him. With a soft lining, the half mask didn't make it difficult while they were eating.

Carla chuckled at Terence as she scarfed her food. She couldn't believe he would sit there eating with a mask on.

When they were about to finish their meal, they heard a voice coming from outside the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the ball is about to begin. Please come down and join us on t

ly pick her out from the crowd by simply touching her hands or seeing her figure. That was how he recognized her when she entered the room.

Grabbing her hand, Johnny pulled her over to a quiet corner.

"I heard that you called off your engagement with Noah, is that true? So you're going back to Terence then?"

he asked with disappointment, as he lifted her mask.

Carla's beautiful face was revealed underneath the mask. Her new hairstyle only made her look more lovely in Johnny's eyes.

"I don't see how that is any of your business. I'm sorry to let you down, Mr. Johnny I'm afraid I'm not lucky enough to step onto your boat. But,"

Carla smirked at him while she lifted her high-heeled stiletto to stomp on the instep of his foot.

"I can still do you the favor of stepping on your foot. You're welcome!"

With that, Carla slipped away from his side as he was growling in pain.

Carla hurried away but didn't watch where she was going. She then stumbled against something.

She looked up and saw Terence's familiar black and gold mask in front of her face. Was this Terence?

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