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   Chapter 410 Mask Restaurant (Part One)

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Rainer held back his laughter and said, "Take a guess at what happened then."

Carla glanced at Terence, who was now looking annoyed. She sniffed before saying, "I guess that there must have been something wrong with Theo's brain. That was surely too much for anyone, especially Terence. One or two would have been enough for him."

"You're right! After a while, the door was kicked open and Mr. Terence staggered out to give Theo a nice, big punch,"

Rainer then continued enthusiastically.

He couldn't help laughing as he recalled the scene when Mr. Terence came out in swim trunks, with his body covered with lipstick marks.

Suddenly, Rainer stopped laughing, catching a glimpse of Mr. Terence's furious eyes through the rear-view mirror.

Rainer did not intend to give Terence's secret away. But upon Carla's constant prodding, he somehow let it slip out.

Carla leaned backwards and moved closer to Terence. "Tell me, why didn't you stay in the room with all those beauties?" she teased.

As a man in his tender, hormonal youth, it must have been hard for Terence to resist such a temptation.

Rather than feel jealous about his teenage experiences, Carla felt intrigued.

Terence stopped glaring at Rainer. He turned to look at Carla and said, "You want to know?"

Of course she did! It was rare to get an insight into Terence's past, and such an embarrassing incident at that. Carla quickly nodded.

"You'll find out tonight. Now it's time to eat." Terence blatantly changed the subject as the car pulled over in front of a gate. Ignoring Carla's reluctant face, he got out of the car.

"Okay, fine," Carla replied unwillingly and jumped out of the car.

But she couldn't help but think about the question that was lingering in her m

that people on the second floor also had masks on.

There were also some people without masks, but no one that she could recognize.

Terence and Carla finally reached a private room at the end of the corridor. As they walked in, Carla noticed a table with various masks on it. It seemed guests were allowed to use these masks and return them before leaving.

Carla's eyes lit up. She was always up for amusing tricks and games.

Since the opportunity presented itself, naturally, she decided not to let this pass.

Therefore, Carla sneakily and quietly grabbed two masks from the table as they walked past. She held them in one hand behind her back. Terence didn't notice anything.

They were soon seated in the private room. It was quiet there.

Carla excused herself to go to the bathroom while Terence ordered their food. She moved away swiftly. Seeing this, Terence shook his head affectionately. He poured some tea for himself and slowly sipped the warm drink. He already knew all her tricks.

He knew Carla wouldn't be able to resist the fun. She had been seized by her joyful curiosity and couldn't wait to join the party.

As expected, in a few moments,

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