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   Chapter 409 Terence's Anecdote

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10589

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Carla was wiping the car. Her beautiful short hair was bouncing naughtily accompanied by her brilliant smile.

Terence stared at the energetic woman before him and instantly felt his world brighten up. She was radiating so beautifully, making the air around them cozy and serene.

His lips gradually cracked into a slight smile as his heart flooded with so much warmth.

He just couldn't help but imagine his future with her, pleasant and sweet. He just loved her so much.

He was certainly willing to do everything to live a happy life with her.

"Miss Carla, you don't need to do this! You are our mistress now. Cleaning the car is not even my job, and it definitely isn't yours!" Rainer tried to stop Carla from cleaning the car any further.

But Carla just scrunched her nose and said, "Rainer, do you really think I'm such a pampered person?" She then continued to wipe the dusty part of the car with a piece of cloth. After making sure that the spot was clean, she turned around only to see Terence staring contentedly at her.

She trudged towards him and Rainer rushed to grab the cloth from Carla's hand.

It was then that Terence voiced out, "Maybe you were not pampered before but things are different around here. You will not just be pampered, you are also the most precious woman in JA City now." Dotingly, he took her hand and held it in his. He added, "So, don't do the dirty and tiring jobs anymore. They will roughen your hands."

Stepping closer, Carla hugged his waist and looked at him. She frowned and complained, "Why are you scolding me?"

"All right, Carla. I'll stop. But don't forget that you're going to try your wedding dress on today. Let's get out of here, okay?" reminded Terence in an amused tone while combing her short hair.

Rainer, who had finished cleaning the car when Carla and Terence were talking, immediately opened the door and let them in the car.

Shortly after, they arrived at the wedding dress shop.

This was the top wedding dress shop in JA City, which was famous for its premier service.

It was famous for its custom-made designs and was the most sought after when it came to wedding dresses. Each wedding dress was a masterpiece. Moreover, the place was also famous for catering to just one couple per day.

Terence had arranged for someone to design Carla's wedding dress a few days before, so all they needed to do now was to measure her size. Carla wasn't even worried about the design of her gown. Knowing Terence, he had already picked the best for her.

There were already some news going around the city that their wedding would last for three days. That didn't even include the previous subsidiary banquet.

She was also aware that the An family would be inviting different people, probably from all over the world, during these three days.

From what she heard, the first day would be for the top clients who had been working with the AJ Group for a long time. For close relatives who had regular interaction with the An family, the second day was solely reserved for them. The third day, which was also the last day would be for distant relatives and acquaintances.

In additi

lance, knowing that she couldn't get any answer from him. Then she leaned forward, getting closer to Rainer. "Hey, since it is you who made me so curious, you are responsible for telling me the whole story! If you don't tell me now, I'll keep asking you about this thing every time I see you!"

Carla threatened.

'Ah... no. Sorry but I'm more afraid of Mr. Terence's punishment," refused Rainer while shaking his head.

"He wouldn't dare get back at you whenever I am with him. If he threatens you, come to me and I'll protect you," Carla vouched.

Rainer glanced at Terence who didn't speak, and then he posed, "Well, Miss Carla! Since it's you who are forcing me to say it, you should promise me that you won't mind hearing the whole story. This story was already ten years old anyway, so it's quite old."

"Well, stop beating around the bush. Tell it to me now!" Carla urged.

Rainer couldn't help but laugh upon remembering what happened.

Then, he began to tell the whole thing to Carla. "That year, Mr. Terence was only seventeen years old. Many people came to celebrate his birthday.

And Mr. Theo said that he had prepared a special gift for Terence, so he took Terence to a dark room with the lights off.

Unexpectedly, when Mr. Terence entered that room, Mr. Theo immediately locked the door from outside."

Rainer paused for a moment and then checked on Carla through the rearview mirror.

He chuckled upon seeing Carla's impatient stare. More so, she shrugged her shoulders and shouted, "What! Go on! Please! What was in the room? Was it scary? What was in it!"

"Okay! Okay! I'll continue!

When Mr. Terence entered that room, the lights turned on. Mr. Theo particularly selected six supermodels and these models were dancing in bikinis when Mr. Terence came in…"

Rainer burst into laughter again.

He glanced at Terence who was still frowning. Truth be told, that story had been the funniest thing for him and he couldn't stop bursting into laughter every time.

Carla felt a bit impatient with what she just heard. Her eyes had widened when she asked, "And then?"

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