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   Chapter 408 Why Are You Still Up So Late

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9392

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'Should I teach Sean a lesson? Will he get even naughtier if I don't?'

Carla had pondered the whole night. She wanted to get back at her brother for being such a brat.

That way, he wouldn't dare to expose her secrets anymore.

Then an idea flashed in Carla's mind.

She stayed up the whole night in order to piece together the love letter that was torn up by her brother.

Childish? Yes. But she saw that it was a great way to teach him a lesson.

Terence smiled in amusement as he watched his woman taking on a teenage boy seriously.

"So are you finished yet?"

Terence asked, trying to stop a chuckle from coming out of his mouth.

Was this their kind of fun?

Carla was Sean's only family ever since their parents died, making them close with each other. One of their unique ways of getting along was exposing each other's secrets.

Terence approached her and watched her trying to piece the letter together. It must have been difficult for her since Sean had completely ripped it to tiny shreds.

"Whew! I am almost done! won't laugh at me, will you, Terence?" Carla looked at him with puppy eyes and chewed her lips. Since she was already an adult, she was getting nervous for doing something childish.

"Well, I am just thinking if you'll do the same thing if we have a son someday and a girl sends him a love letter,"

Terence smiled in amusement and sat down. Then he picked up the book that covered the love letter to see her progress.

It seemed clear to him that she wouldn't be sleeping a wink until she had pieced them all together.

"Terence, I won't treat my son the same way as I do my brother. Besides, when we have a teenage son, I won't be as young anymore. Do you think that I will do such childish things by that time?"

Carla rolled her eyes and handed him some of the pieces. She ordered him, "You. You'd better help me."

Terence only shook his head and helped her put the pieces together. A smile was present on his lips as he worked on them.

What the hell was he even doing right now? He never imagined himself piecing together a love letter addressed to his brother-in-law. Not to mention, a love letter given by a teenage girl! 'Ah, young love, ' Terence thought to himself.

Once he was finished, he sat on the sofa and leaned his head on his hands. He smiled while he watched Carla who was reading the love letter with glee.

"Dear Mr. Sean Ji, I am Emmy Tong from the classroom beside yours."

Terence didn't expect that the girl called Sean in such an implicit way.

"Do you remember that I cheered all the way for you at the last athletic meet? Every time you play basketball at the gym, I would be there and watch you play.

I want to tell you my real feelings. I like you very much. I decided to write this letter to you

"Oh my!"

Carla exploded into laughter again, covering her face with her arms on the table. She rarely saw this shy side of Sean. This was getting interesting!

"Carla, I know you well. I know you are keeping it somewhere! Please give it back to me!" Sean stretched his hand again to ask for the letter. He knew very well that Carla would keep it to threaten him.

"Sean, receiving love letters is a normal thing. Don't sweat it! People have various ways of understanding love in different stages of life. Think of it like levels in a video game. You start from the first level and then you level up. So, liking someone is completely normal, not embarrassing."

After making fun of him, Carla was still responsible for educating Sean about love.

"Carla, please. I don't feel the same way. Please give it back to me," Sean pleaded.

Carla ignored his plea. She finished her breakfast quickly and stood up. "Oh my God! Look at the time. I have to go out now to try on my wedding dress. I'll deal with this after I come back this evening."

Sean just sat down in silence. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped and watched her walk away.

Morning sunlight spread throughout the yard and warmed up everyone.

Rainer was washing the car since he had free time. Next to him, Nathan was reporting about the latest progress of the company to Terence under the shade.

Since Terence's wedding day was fast approaching, Terence didn't have enough time to stay in the company all day. Nathan decided to bring the crucial business affairs for Terence to deal with it.

Terence signed the document after reading it. Then he spoke with Nathan about work.

After finishing his workload, he looked up and saw Carla working happily.

Carla had rolled up her sleeves, preparing to help Rainer wash the car. The warm sunlight shone on her elegant face.

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