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   Chapter 407 All Because Of Some Love Letters

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8250

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A piece of blue paper shaped like a heart suddenly fell on Carla's leg.

When she laid her eyes on the small heart drawn at the back of the paper, it piqued her curiosity. Sean was talking gleefully with Terence and all of a sudden, a loud scream escaped from his lips.

"S-Sister! What are you holding in your hand?"

He rubbed his nape as he gave a better look at the paper in Carla's hand. "I remember that I have thrown it out. Why is that letter still here?" he murmured at first and began to plead, "S-Sister! Please, give it to me!"

He hurriedly walked towards her and tried to pry out the letter from her hands.

A devious smile crept up on Carla's lips. She instantly stood up and held the letter above her head. She let out a laugh as she ran to the sofa and smugly waved the letter.

"Aww! Come on, Sean! Let me see it! Your big sister is curious about what a student's love letter will look like, especially if it's for my baby Sean! I am so dying to read it!" Carla was still laughing devilishly.

Sean went speechless. He could only clench his fists and glare at Carla. "Sister! Please stop!" He whined helplessly.

Then he turned to Terence who was giggling on the sofa and begged, "Brother-in-law! Look! She's bullying me!"

Upon seeing the ruckus between the siblings, Terence couldn't contain his laughter. When he finally composed himself, he stood up from the sofa and walked up to Carla. "Carla, you should know that Sean is old enough to take care of himself. Give him some privacy. Since he isn't comfortable with it, it's best not to open that letter. Be a good girl and give it to me," he said.

He lifted a hand and was about to pull the letter from her hands.

But Carla quickly withdrew her hand and hid the letter behind her back. She turned to Sean and pouted, "But I really want to see it, Sean! Besides, you have seen my love letters before. Why am I not allowed to see yours this time?

That's so unfair! I thought we were close!"

When the words left her lips, she felt a slight chill down her spine. She turned to Terence who was staring at her with narrowed eyes.

"Hm. Carla? What did you just say?"

"M-Me? I didn't say anything. Did I say something?" She answered nervously.

While Carla was distracted, Sean seized the opportunity to grab the letter from her hands. He tore it into pieces and immediately threw it into the trash bin.

When Carla had finally come to her senses, she clenched her teet

ong with her.

Terence glanced at her and placed his arms around her shoulders. Then he turned her head to face him and said, "Carla, since it's all in the past now, I won't make any fuss about it anymore. I just want to remind you that from now on, I am your husband. The one and only man for you. And you are not allowed to think about other men anymore." He spoke in a protective way.

Terence was afraid that Carla was still thinking about that boy

since she didn't manage to win his heart back then.

Carla smiled brightly and nodded, "Of course I won't, Terence! You know me very well. You know I'm not that kind of woman."

After all, if Carla was a shallow woman, why was she willing to go through all the trouble just to be with Terence?

"I believe you are not. Alright, honey. Let's go and have dinner," Terence smiled and tenderly pinched her cheek. Then the couple finally went downstairs.

It was already deep in the night.

Everything was silent and peaceful inside the bedroom.

Terence was sleeping soundly. However, the moment he laid his hand on the other side of the bed, he found that it was empty. Carla wasn't there. He immediately turned on the lights and walked out of the bedroom.

He saw that there was a woman at the desk in the living room. The woman was fumbling with something.

As he walked up to her and noticed the things in her hands, his heart slightly sped up, "Carla, what are you doing here?"

Upon hearing Terence's voice, Carla quickly spun around and covered the things on the table in such a hurry.

She replied with a nervous smile, "Nothing, Terence. Why are you doing up?"

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