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   Chapter 406 The Wedding Plan

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"What's that?"

Carla, holding a pillow in her hand, lazily asked after seeing Terence come in with a document in his hand.

Terence sat beside her, and answered with a smile, "This is the monthly plan before our wedding ceremony. I made it when you were away."

Carla was surprised, then she took the plan and began to read it. After she scanned through it page by page, the corners of her mouth convulsed involuntarily.

She knew that those wedding preparations were very tedious and required an extensive amount of effort from both the bride and the groom. After all, there was only going to be one wedding ceremony in one's life, so it was reasonable that every couple would want to make theirs perfect.

However, when Carla looked through the plan, she felt the schedule was too tight and full. They even had something scheduled on Sundays!

Noticing that Carla was a little worried about the schedule, Terence took it from her hand and pulled her closer to him. Then, he patiently explained every plan to her in detail.

"Carla, the wedding dress needs to be customized precisely to your size. The tailors have to start working on it so we must go and have you measured. Tomorrow, I will accompany you to see the wedding dress, as well as the other dresses which you need to wear on the wedding day.

And then the day after tomorrow, we are to go and check the wedding ring. I've asked a master craftsman to make one for us. The pattern has already been fixed, and we just need to determine our sizes. Besides, we also need to choose other jewelry and accessories.

These things will all require our personal presence, and others can't do them for us. And then, after that…"

Carla blinked her bright eyes while listening carefully to Terence. She looked at the schedule listed on the plan again, and she could only guess that he had shortened it as much as he could. However, there were still a lot more things to do aside from those.

For example, the Seaview Villa would be their wedding room, so the decorations are to be slighted adjusted.

Although it wouldn't be massively redecorated, the sofa, curtains, as well as the wallpaper and some other furniture, would need some small adjustments. Carla noticed that Terence had personally drawn the design for it.

All that was left to do was for her to choose which pattern she liked. And then, Terence would modify them to suit whatever design she preferred.

He used to live alone, so he decorated the Seaview Villa according to his

no! I'm already a grown-up!" Sean refuted while covering his face. He thought, 'I'm not a child anymore! I can't let Carla kiss me casually like before.'

At the same time, Terence came over, held Sean with one arm, and said, "Sean, you are right. You're now a big boy, so you shouldn't let your big sister kiss you like that." Then, he winked at Carla and posed, "If you want to kiss someone, I can provide you with the perfect service."

Carla just rolled her eyes at Terence as she watched him take Sean into the villa.

She could see the two getting along really well.

"Sean, could you show your test papers for this semester to me?"

Carla requested as soon as she sat down, which made the boy raise his eyebrows.

Actually, he didn't feel shocked at his sister's request, because she used to ask for his exam papers back in BH City.

So without complaining, he opened his school bag and handed all of them to her.

"Alright. There you go."

Carla took the papers, sat down, and began to look at them one by one. She had supervised his studies before. But after moving to JA City, she had paid less attention to his studies.

Carla nodded with satisfaction upon seeing the scores in each examination paper. Although his scores were not perfect, he got more than ninety points in each test. Carla still thought that his grades would flop without her tutoring him.

Instead, he had unexpectedly made significant progress. As his sister, she felt proud of seeing how he correctly solved all the difficult problems.

Just as Carla flipped to see the others, something dropped from the thick stack of papers.

It was a folded blue heart-shaped note.

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