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   Chapter 405 Let's Get The Marriage Certificates

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Carla was more than sure that there would not be any problem with Terence's grandfather.

Thus, choosing between his father and grandfather, she assumed that it would be his father.

Since she had already met Edmund for a few times, she had already gotten familiar with him and wasn't feeling the pressure as much as she did before.

"Carla, I want to marry you because I want you to be happy. We will have plenty of time to do the things we want. I want you to look forward to our married life instead of fearing the worst. Do you agree with me?"

Terence asked while looking at her dotingly.

Agreeing, Carla nodded her head and stopped obsessing about the issue.

"I know. Do what you have to do and I will follow your lead," she replied.

A relieved smile spread over Terence's face upon hearing Carla. If only this woman knew how other girls were dying to be his wife. Sometimes, he couldn't even believe all these troubles he had to go through to convince her.

However, he only had himself to blame since he was the one who fell in love with Carla.

He couldn't care less if he had to deceive her or chain her around his waist. He would definitely do everything in this world to make her his wife!

There was no chance for her to escape. Sorry, but he just loved her so much.

With those thoughts, Terence embraced her and pulled her to him a bit more. They fell asleep together.

He had consulted her doctor a few days ago and was informed that he shouldn't touch her for the next seven weeks.

Thus, he was left with no choice but to just sleep.

The next morning.

Terence and Carla flew back to JA City after bidding goodbye to Andrea.

It was already about ten in the morning when the plane landed.

The very first thing that Terence did was to take Carla to the Civil Affairs Bureau as he badly wanted to get the marriage certificate with her.

"What's the rush?

We just landed and haven't even gotten home yet. Why are we here?" asked Carla while signing the agreement. She then handed it to one of the clerks.

"We cannot make the same mistake three times. We already failed to get our marriage certificates twice. I can't bear a third. I won't be able to sleep tonight if we can't get this done today,"

Terence explained as he printed his name at the bottom of the paper he was holding. He then also handed it to the clerk.

Carla pouted her lips upon hearing him. She wondered if he was still angry with her because of how she secretly ran away from the hospital.

It was just that she didn't have any option at that time.

How on earth could she pretend that everything was okay after reading the doctor's record and finding out that there was a probability of her being infertile.

After stamping the two copies of marriage certificates, the clerk handed the papers back to Carla and Terence.

Carla looked at their pictures on their marriage certifi

rla and then said, "Rest assured, Dad. Carla may not have fully recovered from the operation yet but we will definitely try to have another baby as soon as possible."

Edmund took that cup of tea from Carla, nodding. He then said, "All right. Since you are now my daughter-in-law, Carla, we should leave all the miserable things that happened behind us and move on. I will ask someone to discuss the details of the wedding with your mother. Don't hesitate to approach me if you have any questions."

Edmund would make sure that Carla was well treated in all aspects since she was now his daughter-in-law.

"Thanks, Dad. I will," replied Carla with a smile. She withdrew her hands and breathed a sigh of relief.

Walking out of the East Yard, Terence took Carla to the North Yard.

Terence's grandfather had been staying in the North Yard since he was discharged from the hospital. His grandfather still had a private doctor keeping him company to take care of his health.

Nicholas was in cloud nine after hearing that they would be getting married. He immediately gave a big emerald stone to Carla as a present.

Carla had seen the emerald stone before and Nicholas said that it should belong to her.

When they got home, Carla went straight upstairs. She was worn out after rushing around the city today.

They got on the plane early this morning. As soon as the plane landed, they immediately went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. After they got the marriage certificates, they rushed to the An's Manor. Everything happened so fast and she didn't even have a chance to rest.

There was an urgency in how Terence was doing things.

It seemed like Terence couldn't even wait for the wedding ceremony anymore!

Carla was already lying on the bed and taking a rest when someone knocked on the door.

She languidly turned around and saw Terence walking towards her.

She noticed that there was a pile of things in his hand.

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