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   Chapter 404 Talking About The Marriage With His Future Mother-In-Law (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-29 19:54

Everything was of a different range now since Carla was destined to be a part of An family. More so, she was about to become the future female master of the family as well. Regardless of what Carla learned before, Andrea still felt responsible to educate her about the basic rules of such a household.

After dinner, Andrea and Terence went to the living room and talked about a lot of things related to the wedding.

Carla on the other hand, was enjoying her after-dinner fruit while sitting next to them. Both the Hua family and the An family were distinguished and well-known, so there were a lot of rules and protocols to consider when holding a wedding. Carla didn't know anything about this, so she decided not to participate.

In her mind, a wedding was nothing but a small party held within the family. Although there were still rules to follow, they were just not that important to her. Her main idea about the ceremony was a honeymoon after the banquet and that was all.

It was rather complicated to hold a wedding ceremony in JA City. Besides, the An family had its own special rules. The difficulties multiplied after the two kinds of rules combined. Thus, it was quite understandable to see the puzzled expression on Carla's face as she was listening to them.

Also, there was an unwritten rule in the An family that once the two got married, they couldn't get divorced easily unless something serious happened.

Such a rule must be strictly observed in the An family, while their collateral relatives had the freedom to choose whether to observe it or not.

Carla finally understood why Terence's father hadn't had the willingness to get married when he was young. Only after Terence's mother bore two children for him and he got bored with the high life of drinking and sleeping around that he finally married her.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Carla's mind after listening to them for so long. She thought, 'Why am I in a hurry to marry Terence? Why

a long sigh and then leaned in his arms. She replied in an exhausted tone, "Even if you will be with me, you can't chime in when I'm rebuked by the elders. It is me who will have to face all this."

"Carla, you have to remember that it was my future mother-in-law who lectured you today. I didn't interrupt her in order to show my respect for her and make her satisfied. I've done this all for you. Can't you understand? When we are at the An family house, things will definitely be different. It's my duty to protect you there. Moreover, do you think that I can take seeing you suffer in the An household?"

Terence knew that she was concerned about such matters so he patted on her back and tried to comfort her. He was now smiling while talking to her.

"Most importantly, I'm the heir of the AJ Group and also the future master of the An family. So only my father and grandfather dare to scold me. You are my wife and also the female master there. You will only find others flattering you. Who would dare to find faults with you?"

Hearing what Terence said, she suddenly felt relieved and smiled happily. He was right.

"Really? Don't lie to me," exclaimed Carla.

"Of course. I never lie,"

Seeing her innocent expression, Terence answered her firmly and seriously.

He knew that she trusted him.

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