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   Chapter 403 Talking About The Marriage With His Future Mother-In-Law (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6835

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After finishing her words, Carla immediately pushed away Terence, who was pressing on her. She quickly put on her clothes and walked towards the door.

She was already several steps away when she turned back to Terence and found him still standing in the same place.

She rushed to him and pulled him by his hand to the door.

"Why are you stopping me?"

asked Carla when Terence stopped her all of a sudden. They were already walking out of the room and were about to go downstairs.

Terence didn't intend to lie to her and answered honestly, "I was planning to let you go out first."

Only then did Carla realize what he was trying to say. However, it was too late for her to take any action.

Andrea was sitting before the table when she noticed them standing on the stairs. Thus, she coughed to let the two know of her presence. She then gazed at them.

Carla reached up to tie her messy hair and then smoothed her crumpled clothes with her palm as quick as she could. A bit flustered, she glared at Terence and thought, 'Why didn't he tell me this earlier? Now it's very embarrassing!'

"Well, come and sit with me, guys. It's time to eat," said Andrea while pointing to the chairs next to her.

Carla and Terence walked to the table and took their seats.

One of Carla's habits was to drink something before she ate. However, she almost sprayed the water in her mouth the moment she glanced at the pile of gifts above the table.

She told Terence not to come empty-handed, but she didn't tell him to buy the mall!

The gifts almost occupied the whole table.

Noticing Carla's reaction, Andrea smiled at Terence and said in a pleased tone, "You're so kind to bring these many gifts. Next time, just come here directly, okay? You don't need to bother yourself bringing so many things."

In truth, Andrea just said that out of politeness. She was actually very satisfied and pleased with Terence, her future son-in-law.

The more gifts he brought, the more it displayed how much he loved and cherished Carla.


man didn't even have any intention of doing such.

"Oh, no. Don't ask Terence for help. When facing the seniors and hearing them talk, especially when they are teaching the younger ones some lessons, don't chime in." Andrea continued to blab upon noticing Carla asking Terence for help.

Carla bit her lower lip and looked at Terence with a gloomy face. She then glared at him when he suddenly smiled silently.

Immediately, she felt disappointed and said, "Mother, I think that I'd better not marry into the An family. A normal family will be just enough for me."

Her tone was tinged with sadness.

Terence's smile instantly melted upon hearing her. Finally, he uttered, "It is not a big deal, mother. I will teach her all the rules in the future. For now, we'd better just enjoy this meal."

He thought that it was okay to keep silent at first. However, he realized that it was a bad idea since her expression looked threatening to him now. What would he do if she changed her mind and decided not to marry him?

"Callie, don't say this casually. Marriage is not a game played by small children. Well, have your meal now," lectured Andrea in a very serious tone.

She knew that Carla was brought up by her foster parents. Unfortunately, she had no idea about the kind of environment Carla had grown up in and how her foster parents taught her.

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