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   Chapter 402 Who Told You To Cut Your Hair

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8486

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Carla was worried about which clothes she should wear before facing Terence. Now that he suddenly appeared by her bedroom door, just as she was naked, perhaps she could save all the trouble.

Terence stood still with his hand on the doorknob. His starry eyes pierced through Carla, who had one of her feet lifted as she was attempting to get dressed.

The pink underwear that she had on accented her smooth body and the short haircut added a touch of charm on her delicate face. She met his starry eyes with a shocked look.

Carla subconsciously grabbed a piece of cloth and wrapped it around her body. She stepped back, sat on the bed, and covered herself with the quilt.

"What's wrong with you? I was going to open the door. Why did you barge in like that?" Carla grumbled with her lips, pouted.

Hearing her softly complain, Terence couldn't help but burst into laughter. He didn't expect to witness such a treat when he entered the room.

He kept his silence and lightly bolted the door before walking towards her.

"Can't the husband be with his dear wife even though she's changing her clothes?" Terence uttered with his husky voice as he walked closer to her.

When he laid his eyes on the clothes scattered all over the bed, he had a rough idea of what took Carla so long to get downstairs.

He picked up a piece of clothing and handed it to her before asking, "You don't know what to wear, do you? How about this one? It kind of matches your new haircut."

"Hmmm, okay. You can put it there and wait for me outside. I will be downstairs in a minute," Carla said.

She didn't move a muscle and sat on the bed with the quilt tightly wrapped around her body.

Since they hadn't seen each other for a month, it was a little awkward to be stark naked in front of him. What's more, she was the only one unclothed while they were having this conversation. It made things much more strange than it was.

Terence couldn't let go of her so quickly. He almost closed the gap between them and sat on the bed. He raised his hand, and tenderly touched her smooth hair.

The short haircut made her small face more beautiful and enchanting. It even complimented her sparkling eyes, which brightened up his heart whenever he stared at them.

"Carla..." His soft whispers sent a million volts of electrifying excitement to her.

"Hmm?" Carla struggled to mutter something.

"I've missed you."

"I know."

"And who told you to cut your hair?"

"It's my hair. Get out of my way."

"You know you look like a minor

hout you, my life would be incomplete. I would be incomplete. Whenever I'm with you, I can be my best self. Only you know me deep down to my soul. I can't wait to experience this life with you," Terence lovingly replied.

He was drowning in the extreme fires of his burning love for Carla.

"I feel the same way too. If I hadn't met you, I would have spent my whole life in this small BH City."

She put her arms around his neck and continued, "Terence, it's all in the past now. You don't have to feel guilty about it anymore. We can't have everything under our control. Let's start fresh and look forward to a brand new future together."

That was also the reason why she chose to forgive Noah. She wanted to focus on the silver lining of life and move on.

"Carla." Terence softly called with his furrowed brows before kissing her again on the lips.

A relieved smile registered on his face as he tenderly stared at her. This was the woman he loved. No matter how difficult it was, she could always adjust herself in such a short amount of time.

She was still that girl he met in BH City. Nothing had changed about her. She still had a positive outlook on life and a passion for everything.

It seemed that no matter how hard and miserable life was, she never gave up. She was a strong warrior.

She had wholly conquered his heart.

While they both lovingly stared at each other, a sudden loud knock was heard.

"Terence? Callie? Let's eat, or dinner will get cold!"

Andrea, who was outside the door, called when she noticed they had been in the bedroom for a while.

"Coming, mom!"

Carla immediately replied and once again flashed a cheeky smile at Terence.

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