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   Chapter 401 New Haircut, New Style (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5714

Updated: 2019-09-28 10:32

Terence urgently and quickly said. He finally heard her voice after so long. A relieved smile spread over his face. He really, really missed her. After he heard about the news of the Hua Group, he couldn't resist anymore. He immediately gave her a call, hoping she would finally pick up this time.

He heard that Noah changed his mind about leaving the company. Although he didn't know why he suddenly changed his mind, Terence still wanted to speak to Carla. It had been so long.

Terence had made plans for Noah. He was preparing to take revenge on him because Terence still had some grudges against him from last time. He couldn't forget that Noah had stolen his beloved from him.

But he decided to scrap the plan since everything had changed.

Since Noah seemed to be playing by the rules and no harm was going to come to Carla, he didn't need to personally deal with that man. He respected Carla's decisions to handle things herself, no matter how much he wanted to step in.

"But you're not here though, right? I indeed said that I didn't want to see you. But don't you know that women are strange creatures and always say things that they don't really mean?" Carla calmly replied. She suppressed a smile on her face. It had been so long since she heard Terence's voice.

As she played with her long hair, her eyes landed on a nice barber shop on the street.

"……" Terence went silent.

Her comments left him speechless.

He must have wanted to see her at least a million times. But Andrea told him that Carla didn't want to see him. She needed time to calm down. Later on, Andrea said that Carla hadn't been in a good mood recently. She hadn't fully recovered after the miscarriage. So An

ndrea had asked the servants to prepare a feast and she even personally made two dishes. She didn't know what Terence liked so she settled on one plate of vegetables and one plate of meat.

Carla was in her bedroom. She was busily looking for a set of nice clothes that would match her new haircut. But after a long time, she still couldn't find anything she liked.

She kept on trying clothes. But the more she tried on, the more she couldn't make up her mind. She could only wander around the bedroom in her underwear, holding clothes up to her body.

She looked like a headless chicken as she struggled to find the perfect outfit.

While she was lost in thought with her body barely-clothed, she heard someone knock on the door.


Carla randomly picked up a piece of clothing from the floor. She was about to put it on her body, but suddenly, the door was opened from outside.

She forgot to lock the door since there were no strangers in the house. There were only Andrea and two female servants.

She suppressed a startled scream. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at the man who barged into her bedroom.

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