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   Chapter 399 I'll Be Your Guardian Forever

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Carla knew everything that was going on in Hua Group although she was staying at home, recovering from her miscarriage.

According to Allen's will, the only way for Noah to take over the entire family business legally was to marry Carla. Too bad for Noah, this dream obviously could no longer come true.

He was now trapped in a tight corner and the only option left for him was to leave.

"Mom, can I talk to Noah first before the meeting?"

Carla stopped at the meeting room door and looked at Andrea.

As a reaction, Andrea glanced at her and said, "Alright. But don't take long, honey. I'll wait for you inside."

She waited for Andrea to leave before going to Noah's office.

Upon seeing her, Noah's secretary nodded and stood up. She then walked to her boss' office door and opened it for her.

Noah was bent over on his desk at that time while organizing some important files. He was getting his materials ready for the meeting. Thinking that the person who came in was his secretary, he didn't look up and just continued with what he was doing.

Carla on the other hand, was a bit surprised when she saw Noah. It had only been a month but a lot had changed about him. He looked very haggard, stern even. He also looked extremely exhausted and pale.

Still thinking that it was his secretary by the door, Noah lifted his head after a while and suddenly froze upon seeing her.

Carla looked around the room before gazing at him. She had not stepped inside for a month.

"Carla, you're back."

Noah stared into her beautiful brown eyes. There was a kind of strange emotion on his face as he gazed at her. It had only been a month since he separated from Carla but it felt like a century to him.

He knew that she had started living with the Hua family last month. However, he didn't expect Carla to miscarry her baby.

He was supposed to be happy with the fact that Carla lost his rival's baby, but apparently, he was not.

Actually, he felt guilty, seeing her suffer.

Carla walked to the sofa and sat there as she casually placed her hands on her lap. She then spoke without turning to Noah, "I need to talk to you, Brother."

Noah instantly stood from his chair the moment he heard what Carla called him. It sounded weird and it was painful to his ear. He never wanted to be called her 'brother'.

He missed how she used to call him Noah. It made him feel that he was a man to her.

However, it was different now. He was nothing to her now but a brother.

"I'm sorry for being impulsive and unreasonable before. I didn't mean to hurt you, Carla." Noah walked to her as he apologized sincerely.

Carla closed her eyes for a while as she didn't want to remember anything from what happened anymore. She then replied, "It's okay, Brother. But there is no use crying over spilled milk. I don't want to hear about those miserable things again."

Carla could still remember the thrill and hap


muttered Carla with her eyes brimming in tears.

"Can you really trust me again? What if I hurt you again? Are you not afraid of that?"

Noah's voice was urgent when he let her go.

As an answer, Carla shook her head, sniffed, and then wiped her tears away. She replied, "Of course, I trust you. You and the rest of the Hua family are the only ones I'm depending on to support and protect me once I marry Terence and join the An family. Aren't you going to protect me if I get hurt there?"

Relief flooded Noah when Carla smiled at him and stopped crying. Slowly he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "I was wondering why the merger and acquisition case of L Group wasn't pushing through. I thought Terence was manipulating the situation."

He paused, looked at Carla, then continued, "As your older brother and in behalf of the Hua family, I'll give you the greatest gift you can receive on your wedding day. Aren't you excited about that?"

Excitement showed on Carla's face instantly upon hearing what he said. She even jumped with joy! "You are the best, Brother! Thank you!" She was so happy that Noah could only smile back.

"I'm sorry, Carla. I am being a mercenary. You're right. The Hua Group is my home. This is where I grew up. I can't leave it like this."

Noah put his arms around her waist and replied with a gentle smile. He then thought, 'Thank you for your kindness, precious one.

I love you so much and I always will. I know that you would never love me back but that's okay. I'm happy and content to be your brother. I can just stand behind you and be your loyal guardian.

If Terence ever hurt you or cause you unhappiness of any kind, it will be my mission to make him pay for it. I will always comfort and protect you as your big brother.

I will live for that reason, precious one.

And sadly, these secrets would be kept inside from now on and you would never hear how much I really love you.'

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